Euro in England: Ramona Bachmann: “Give a maximum of trouble to the Swedes”

Euro in England: Ramona Bachmann: “Give a maximum of trouble to the Swedes”

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Euro in EnglandRamona Bachmann: “Give the Swedes as much trouble as possible”

The Swiss team striker recounted the last hectic hours of her selection, a few hours before meeting Sweden, for the second group match of Euro 2022.

Ramona Bachmann and the Swiss will have to surpass themselves to achieve the feat.

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How are you approaching this game against Sweden?

Not in an optimal way… It’s clear that coming face to face with them like that… But hey, we can’t change anything about it. We have to look for the positive in it. Tomorrow (note: Wednesday), it will be an important meeting and it will be above all a mental battle on our side. If you’re starting to get tired, because you haven’t eaten or drunk enough in the past few days, that won’t be an excuse. Anyway, we will try to put in a good performance.

Tell us about the past few hours.

It was not the best of preparations, of course… We were put in solitary confinement, we had to stay alone in our hotel room and we couldn’t train on Monday. We couldn’t do anything about it. We tried to prepare as best we could. We took part in a videoconference and fortunately, this Tuesday, we were finally able to go to the meadow. But that’s just practice! We will try to stay positive. Wednesday, we will have to forget the fatigue and everything that happened. It’s like that. We will play the best match we can.

Faced with a big piece…

We are ready to play against this Sweden. We’ve known for a long time that we’re going to have to compete with them, we didn’t start setting up for this meeting two days ago, you know. Some of my teammates haven’t been able to keep anything they’ve eaten or drunk in the past two days, and there’s something simpler before being opposed to such training. But we’re going to make sure to field the best team possible, to give the Swedes a lot of trouble.

What’s it like 24 hours stuck in a hotel room?

It’s very long! I clearly would have preferred to be on the pitch. But hey, we were in this situation and I couldn’t do much about it… I read, I watched television, I slept a lot too. I tried to focus on maximum relaxation. I also trained a little indoors. I did everything possible, under these conditions, to feel good. We were still worried. I didn’t want to have any symptoms and they isolated us all to avoid contact and therefore contamination as much as possible.

Everyone on deck in Sheffield

Could this situation have bonded the group even more?

Yeah, computer theories aren’t the best, but they can bring us together as a team. Wasn’t that the best preparation? And then what? We have to be strong in the head and we will see what happens on the pitch. Some teammates were really sick and felt very weak. Maybe they won’t all have 90 minutes in their legs. But we have five changes to make, if necessary.

You haven’t won since November, there were two slaps in preparation, that frustrating draw against Portugal as a starter…

General confidence has clearly been better in the past. But I think we still have quality and we all know it in the locker room. We lost largely against Germany and England, it’s true. However, I think that with France, three elections are one or two levels above all the others. And us, if we work well together, we can annoy Sweden.

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