Fire Emblem Heroes: Nouveautés de la version 6.0.0

Fire Emblem Heroes: The next update is coming soon!

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Here is an announcement from the development team.

We would like to introduce you to what’s new and changed in version 6.7.0.

■ Added new abilities for a legendary hero

Among the heroes appearing in the “Legendary and mythical heroes remix” focuses, Roy, Blazing Lion, will obtain new abilities.

○ New Abilities

・Ability B

Refusal 3
If Unit’s Spd > Enemy’s Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and area effect special abilities by a percentage equal to 4x the difference (maximum 40%, excluding strige special abilities). If unit’s HP ≤ 75% and Special Ability is activated while attacking, deals 5 additional damage when Special Ability triggers.
Not compatible :

・Ability C

Humanity II

At start of turn, if unit is within 2 cells of an ally that isn’t a beast or dragon, grants Atk/Spd +6 to unit and allies within 2 cells ( beasts and dragons excluded) for one turn. For each stat (Atk/Spd/Def/Res), grants the highest boost among allies within two spaces that are not beasts or dragons during combat. Reduces the damage of the enemy’s first attack by X% during combat (X = total value of the boosts of the 3 allies within 2 spaces that are not a beast or a dragon with the highest total boosts; maximum: 40). Aptitude reserved for the original unit.

Roy, Blazing Lion, will have a new weapon to upgrade at the same time. See the section titled “New Weapons and Upgrades” for more information.

■ Added new souvenir events in Voyage duo

New Souvenir Events will be added!

■ Updated list of heroes with limited time military booklets

Following the launch of 6.7.0, players will now be able to obtain Divine Scrolls: Instant 7 from events and exchange them for new limited-time Military Books using the Military Book Compilation feature.

Divine Scrolls: Instant 7 can be exchanged for the following military booklets:

・ It will be possible to compile the military booklets added in this update until 8/28/2022 6:59(UTC).
・ Divine Scrolls: Instant 7 can be obtained from events starting after the launch of Update 6.7.0.
・ Divine Scrolls: Instant 6 will continue to drop from events starting before the launch of Update 6.7.0.

■ New weapons and upgrades

At rank 5★, the next hero will be able to obtain a new weapon which will be reserved for him.

Pulse Spear
Hero who can learn this skill: Kjelle, Righteous Heart

・The above weapon can be upgraded in the Weapon Shop after it has been obtained.
・ To learn skills, go to the “Training” section of the “Allies” menu and select “Teach Skills”.

The following weapons can be upgraded with Arena Medals and Divine Dew to gain new effects:

dragon blade
Hero who can learn this skill: Roy, Blazing Lion

shadow sword
Hero who can learn this skill: Mareeta, Victim of the Blades

Fang of Tagüel
Heroes who can learn this skill: Palne, Proud Tagüel

tiger fang
Hero who can learn this skill: Mordecai, Tender Warrior

Hero who can learn this skill: Fjorm, Ice Bride

Note: to unlock the Weapons Workshop, you must complete Chapter 13 of Book I of the scenario, then the second intermission, “The Ritual of the Blades”.

■Arena Assault Update+

○ Filter by Blessing will be configured by default in the “Manage Teams” screen.

○ The Blessing filter will be automatically set to the Blessing of the relevant Season in the “Manage Teams” screen of Arena Assault+. You will be able to access this screen after hitting the “Fight” button in the first fight. Then, it will be displayed again after selecting your opponent in subsequent fights.

Note: it is also possible to reconfigure the filters manually.

○ Increased the number of Dragonflowers obtained from rank rewards.

Starting with the season starting on 7/12/2022 7:00(UTC), the number of Dragonflowers distributed with rank rewards will increase for all ranks.

■ Updated Summoner Duels

○ You will be able to increase your favor level up to 2100.

This will be in place starting with the season starting 7/12/2022 7:00(UTC).

■ Updated Celestial Raid Mode

○ Increased the maximum level of some structures:

・ Infantry School (A/D): Level 10
・ Armor School (A/D): Level 10
・ Cavalry School (A/D): Level 10
・ Flight School (A/D): Level 10

○ Updated Ether Center.

・ Two new tracks added to the Concert Hall: “The White Heron” from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and “An Ordinary Day” from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

○ The following error occurring in version 6.6.0 will be fixed:

・ When starting a friendly battle between two seasons, the heroes affected by Call to Arms from the previous season are still considered Call to Arms heroes. Also, in some cases, the opponent’s defense team may not be updated in Friendly Battles.

■ Mjölnir Assault Update

○ Increased the maximum level of a mechanism:

・ Fire Avatar: Level 6

■ Heroic Grails

The following heroes can be summoned by spending heroic grails:

・Muarim, Primal Instinct
・ Larum, Dancer Bride

■ Other changes

○ Fixed an error causing incorrect damage calculation.

We will fix an error causing incorrect calculation of results when several effects reducing damage up to a certain percentage overlap, resulting in the value of reduced damage being extremely high.

○ Some phrases spoken by Larum, Dancer Bride, will be changed.

Currently, the phrase spoken by Larum, Dancer Bride, when she uses her Dance ability is the same as the phrase spoken when you tap her profile screen. The sentence being very long, we decided to replace it with the one spoken when she activates her special ability.

■ About maintenance

A maintenance operation for version 6.7.0 is scheduled from 5/7/2022 4:00(UTC) to 5/7/2022 7:00(UTC).
*These times are approximate. It is possible that the maintenance will end before or after the set date.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be unavailable for the duration of the operation.

That’s all there is to know about this update! We hope you continue to have fun with Fire Emblem Heroes.

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