Buzz Lightyear the Movie: Disney Pixar at the Top of its Art and Beyond?

Buzz Lightyear the Movie: Disney Pixar at the Top of its Art and Beyond?

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news culture Buzz Lightyear the Movie: Disney Pixar at the Top of its Art and Beyond?

Pixar’s news is particularly busy in this first half of 2022. After offering Disney+ Red Alert subscribers last March, Disney’s animation studios are reclaiming their very first universe… that of Toy Story… time to an adventure centered around the space ranger. Buzz Lightyear is making a big comeback to the cinema, with one small difference.


  • Buzz Lightyear in a nutshell
  • A galactic adventure

Buzz Lightyear in a nutshell

Buzz Lightyear is a computer-generated animated film produced by Pixar Studios (Toy Story, Ratatouille, Soul, Wall-E, etc) and supervised by Angus MacLane… screenwriter, director, animator and American actor to whom we owe the sequel to Finding Nemo entitled Finding Dory. This new feature film produced by Disney expands the universe of the Toy Story franchise in a somewhat unique way. Indeed, it is certainly a spin-off, but not just any spin-off.

It’s a film that the character of Andy (Toy Story – 1995) saw in the cinema or on television and that he loved. The Buzz Lightyear toy offered to the child would therefore be a product derived from this feature film which is fully in line with the diegesis of Toy Story. Lightyear (2022) by its original name tells the true story of the space ranger of the same name and his very first adventure. After crashing on a planet millions of light-years from Earth, the member of Star Command tries to leave this hostile star, which ends up propelling him 62 years into the future. The arrival of the terrible Zurg and his legions of robots does not help and jeopardizes his mission.

Buzz Lightyear is the first Pixar-stamped film for French cinemas since En avant (2020). Soul (2020), Luca (2021) and recently Red Alert (2022) had to settle for a release on Disney+. Avalonia, the strange journey of the Disney studios voyage (Strange World of its original title) should suffer a similar fate in France. Scheduled for the end of 2022 in cinemas in the rest of the world, it will land directly on the streaming platform in France.

  • Buzz Lightyear is released on June 22, 2022 in cinemas in France.

A galactic adventure

To infinity and beyond ? Buzz Lightyear travels to the ends of the universe to entertain young and old alike and does so with a certain mastery. Pixar studios have nothing left to prove in terms of animation, and yet still surprise in 2022. Their masterful production sits proudly at the top of modern computer-generated image productions. The space ranger’s adventures are sure to delight fans of the character, the Toy Story saga, Space Opera and science fiction. Speaking of SF, purists may regret a universe (too) centered on its hero and an exploration limited to a single planet. Level of scenery, the Disney film is in minimalism.

Buzz Lightyear primarily targets a family audience and tries to seduce a whole new generation of viewers. Pixar studios, beyond their technical know-how, have always stood out for their ability to slip several levels of reading into their creations. However, Lightyear (2022) only partially achieves this. Certain notions and themes are addressed, but lack nuance, and often turn out to be secondary. The story is nonetheless pleasant to follow and offers its share of sometimes epic, sometimes touching sequences capable of making a cinema vibrate. Because YES, make no mistake about it, Buzz Lightyear bursts the screen with its high-flying pyrotechnic effects and the vastness of space as its only limit.

We discovered the new adventures of the space ranger in French version, and the least we can say is that the result lives up to the expectations placed on the dubbing actors. The performances of François Civil (Bac Nord, En Corps, Le Chant du Loup), Michael Gregorio, Tomer Sisley (Dédales, Largo Winch) and Lyna Khoudri (The French Dispatch) are to be welcomed. The latter respectively embody Buzz Lightyear, Sox, Mo and finally Izzy Hawthorne. This quartet as well as all the other artists involved in the creative process greatly contribute to this epic tone tinged with humor that works wonders. Buzz Lightyear is further proof of Pixar’s talent for creating rich, endearing and colorful worlds from a cluster of pixels.

Buzz Lightyear the Movie: Disney Pixar at the Top of its Art and Beyond?

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