Neant-sur-Yvel.  New: Margaux Rollin offers writing workshops - Les Infos du Pays Gallo

Neant-sur-Yvel. New: Margaux Rollin offers writing workshops – Les Infos du Pays Gallo

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Posted on August 20, 2022

This young woman is called Margaux Rollin. At 28, she announces for Monday, September 12 the beginning of her professional activity, which she has called “From One World to Another”. The micro-enterprise she created on August 18 is based in Néant-sur-Yvel. She will lead creative writing workshops….

Creative and fun, these workshops are aimed at everyone: men, women and teenagers, both for an experienced audience and for beginners. Each of us may have had, at one time or another during our life, the desire to start writing, regardless of our knowledge of the subject. So why not satisfy your desires and let your imagination run wild?

The workshops will take place either online or at home in a 50 km area around Ploërmel. But Margaux is looking for a place to give the workshops which will be weekly: “I would like to find a simple room, a room with tables and chairs will be sufficient, in Ploërmel or in one of its neighboring towns!”

The objective of these meetings is to create a privileged moment, where the participants are invited to explore their creativity, leaving aside the apprehension of spelling mistakes, the anxiety of the lack of inspiration and the lack of confidence in self.

“My workshops, lasting 45 minutes each, are aimed at all those who wish and who dare to embark on the adventure of writing to have fun and write short texts, scenes from novels , short stories, poems, etc…”, reassures and encourages the host. Margaux does not give writing lessons, because the moment is meant to be recreational, above all…

Initially, the workshops, perhaps intended for a young population, will be given online, with free software for communicating in writing remotely and by videoconference. A space will be dedicated to the meeting for the participants, so that they can communicate with each other, the opportunity also to create social links…

Originally from Redon, Margaux Rollin remembers having started writing very young, first with stories of ponies that save the world, before embarking on fantasy and science fiction novels…

After her baccalaureate and literary studies, she took a degree in philosophy in Rennes, before going to the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique (EHESP) and obtaining a master’s degree in ethics of care, then in public health, oriented on the inclusion and social participation of people with disabilities…

Margaux Rollin begins to lead workshops on a voluntary basis, after a 3-week online training with the Professional Training Organization ARTEC, in the animation of writing workshops.

At the same time, she is working on 2 novels of the imaginary and fantasy, while waiting to propose them to a publisher: the first evolves in a universe of aerial islands, where a mystery has to be elucidated. As for the second novel, it is inspired by the legend of King Arthur in Brocéliande and the knights of the round table, but revisited in 1900, during the Belle Epoque…

But Margaux Rollin’s priority is now the adventure she offers to the public with D’Un Monde à l’Autre…


“From One World to Another” Workshops

-For any information, in particular on the prices of the workshops
-To make an appointment: to be defined between the client and the facilitator
-To know the software online
-To offer a room on Ploërmel or around: the request is urgent!

Tel: 07 80 04 41 46 or by email: [email protected]

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