DJ Snake in concert at the Parc des Princes: "It's going to be historic"

DJ Snake in concert at the Parc des Princes: “It’s going to be historic”

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DJ SNAKE. Invited on the set of Quotidien, the French DJ Snake confided in his latest success, “Disco Maghreb” and his concert at the Parc des Princes, Saturday June 11.

[Mis à jour le 09 juin 2022 à 15h27] After the Arc de Triomphe or Paris La Défense Arena, DJ Snake tackles the Parc des Princes. The artist, the most listened to in the world, will be in concert in the PSG arena this Saturday, June 11, 2022 for an event concert. A fervent supporter of Paris-Saint-Germain, DJ Snake confided to RTL last month that he had always dreamed of performing there. “It was somewhere in the back of my head, but it seemed too big for me and I’m super happy to make this dream come true,” he says.

On the concert poster, we discover a child wearing a PSG jersey flocked “William.” “It’s me being a kid. It’s a way of closing the loop: the fan, the little suburbanite who went to Paris to go to Auteuil to go see the match with his family, his big brothers, his cousins… And there, today, to find myself doing my concert there, it’s going to be a great moment”, confides DJ Snake to Yann Barthès in Daily, adding to have “the ball in the stomach” before his concert at the Parc des Princes. “It’s going to be historic,” he sums up.

On his social networks, DJ Snake has also announced that his first part will be provided by DJ Acraze and the duo Bellecour. The after party for his concert at the Parc des Princes will take place at the Wanderlust, a Parisian nightclub located on the Quai d’Austerlitz. In addition to this concert, DJ Snake has developed a collection of derivative products with Paris-Saint-Germain and with his collective Pardon My French, available on this site.

In addition to this unmissable meeting for the fans, DJ Snake offered them a monumental clip, shot in Algeria and baptized Disco Maghreb. The artist decided to put in images the multiple facets of this country, from which he originates. The video, as often, has millions of views on YouTube: a week after its release, it has been viewed more than 18 million times.

He is the most listened to French artist in the world. More than 20 billion plays on streaming platforms around the world, 20 million subscribers on YouTube, nearly 8 million on Instagram… Everyone is snapping up DJ Snake. Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga have danced to his hits, he’s collaborated with the world’s greatest artists and created world-famous hits like Let Me Love You, Taki-Taki Where Locomotive Contigo. So inevitably, the release of his next album questions.

His last album, Carte blanche, dates back to July 2019. “I have 49 music ready”, launched DJ Snake to Yann Barthès on the Daily set more than a year ago, on Tuesday March 9, 2021. “That does not necessarily mean that I’m going to launch an album format. I don’t know, in addition with the current situation, we’ll see how it evolves, but we’re not immune to a surprise album”, he adds. DJ Snake also promises several collaborations, the secret of his international success.

William Grigahcine, alias DJ Snake, was born on June 13, 1986 in Paris, from a French father and an Algerian mother. The future artist grew up in Ermont in the Val d’Oise, in a popular district, then in Plessis-Bouchard. A “ghetto” as he described it in the columns of Forbes in 2015. The young man began to perform in Parisian clubs and was spotted by Paul Blair, Lady Gaga’s DJ. For the international star, DJ Snake produces the song Government Hookerreleased on the album Born This Wayreleased in 2011 and nominated for the Grammy Awards in the Record of the Year category.

The collaboration between DJ Snake and Lady Gaga will continue on the opus artpop, released in 2013. The Frenchie works with big names in world music: Diplo and Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, Ozuna, Cardi B, Selena Gomez or The Black Eyed Peas. DJ Snake, who has released two albums and whose streaming figures on the platforms make you dizzy, also won an MTV Video Music Award in 2014 and a Billboard Music Award in 2015 for the song Turn Down for Whatwith Lil Jon or an NRJ Music Award in France as DJ of the year for three consecutive years, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

In the popular neighborhoods where he lived as a teenager, DJ Snake, raised by his mother alone, tried his hand at tags, preferring to draw snakes, which earned him his stage name, DJ Snake (Snake meaning snake in English). “When I first started making music as a DJ, everyone called me ‘Snake’ in my town, I was like ‘DJ Snake, ok let’s go.’ That name sucks, but it’s too late now,” he told Forbes magazine in 2015.

It’s one of DJ Snake’s trademarks: his glasses, always on his nose. A way for him to protect his anonymity, a technique also used by other artists (without going as far as helmets of – fire – Daft Punk), like Gims. Images of the French artist without this accessory are rare and date back many years to the beginning of his career. TV sets, stage, red carpets, social networks… For years, DJ Snake’s glasses have hidden his eyes from the world.

Guest of the morning of France Inter on March 10, 2021, to the question of Léa Salamé “What are you hiding behind?, the DJ with “green eyes” answers: “not much, I have a very beautiful look and I do not hide any strabismus, but it is a way for me to protect myself (…) I take them off, I can go to Paris and no one recognizes me.

The world is snapping up DJ Snake. The figures for his albums, singles and collaborations reach billions on the platforms, but how much is his fortune? According to Forbes magazine, which annually lists the largest fortunes on the planet, that of DJ Snake amounted to 11.5 million dollars in 2019, making him the fifteenth highest paid DJ in the world. This places him behind the other Frenchman in the ranking, DJ David Guetta, whose fortune reached 18 million dollars the same year.

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