Resistances Festival in Foix: "Representations in the cinema work for us"

Resistances Festival in Foix: “Representations in the cinema work for us”

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The international film festival, which opens on July 8, looks at performances in cinema. And tries to restore the balance in favor of the old ladies, the workers, the first peoples of Quebec…

“The question of representations in the cinema is a question that concerns us”, underlines Marlène Tardif, the co-coordinator of the Resistances festival. The festival runs from July 8 to 16. “When you look at the programming with hindsight, this question of the representation of all, who comes back remembers,” she says.
In the zoom on Quebec, a short film will be broadcast in connection with Wapikoni. This non-profit association has just put its mobile studios back on the road, which will meet 12 Quebec communities. “This is a collective of artists who criss-cross Quebec, leave their cameras in the communities, and let people film themselves, tell their stories,” says Bruno Sans, one of the volunteers. Residents also take part in creative workshops. Katherine Nequado, one of the Quebecers who took part in one of these workshops, will also be present in Foix and will present her short film “Wamin”.

“Who’s afraid of old women? »

Another problem: that of the under-representation in films of women, especially the elderly. Knowing that one of the themes of the festival’s screenings is “Sorority”, Siam Villière, one of the volunteers, says: “In the history of cinema, very few films show solidarity between women, except when it is related to a man. And the volunteers recall what the Bechdel test is: a film passes it when it shows on the screen two women who can be named, who have a dialogue together and who do not talk about ‘a man. “40% of films do not pass this test! exclaim the volunteers.
Moreover, underlines Siam Villière, “we didn’t find too many films that we liked with old women on screen. We therefore propose a collective discussion on ageism and sexism. Entitled “Who’s Afraid of Old Women?” “, it will take place on July 16 at 5.30 p.m. and will notably see the intervention of the collective of women from Ariège “Fouffe qui peut” and Charlotte Bienaimé, who hosts “Un podcast à soi” on Arte radio.
Saturday, July 9, at 3:30 p.m., the worker and former presidential candidate Philippe Poutou, will participate in the festival. He will present the film “We still have anger”, which tells the story of the fight against the Ford factory in Blanquefort. Mr. Poutou is one of the major “players”. The two directors Jamila Jendari and Nicolas Beirnaert will also be there. “It’s also important to have workers on screen,” says Marlène Tardif. Everyone should be represented in the cinema. And, let it be clear, we are saying this when we don’t have any workers on our selection committees, when there aren’t very many workers at the festival… It’s purely and simply about the question of the representativeness of cinema ! »

Ask for the program!

The Resistances festival takes place from July 8 to 16, at the cultural center but also in Lavelanet and Saint-Girons. For its 26th edition, the festival offers a zoom on Quebec cinema and four themes: “The energies of decline”, “New piracy”, “EnVies de quartier” and “Sororité”. Beyond the dozens of screenings, the festival also offers a program for young audiences from July 11 to 15 at 10 a.m.; meetings with the directors present; aperitif concerts every evening at 7:30 p.m.; outdoor evening sessions (July 9 at the reception center for asylum seekers and from July 10 to 15 at Place St-Volusien); special sessions with the favorite of the teenage jury or carte blanche given to several partners; an associative village; the off room where associations can organize debates, meetings and screenings; the forecourt of the Estive where to eat…
Regard nomade, the association organizing the festival, does its utmost to make this event accessible to everyone. Thus, six film screenings are offered with subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing people and the debates are interpreted in sign language. The Estive building is accessible to people with motor disabilities. Finally, people with mental disabilities can take part in two screenings as part of the “cinema-my difference” scheme.

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