Rennes: why it is absolutely necessary to go to the exhibition “Not sleep”

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The multicolored dancefloor installed at the entrance to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, in Rennes, is part of the works in the Not Sleeping exhibition. (©Hugo Murtas / News Rennes)

This is the main event of this summer reindeer. baptized Not tired. The party in all its forms, this exhibition which takes place until September 18, 2022 is part of Exporama, the new annual event dedicated to contemporary art.

After a first edition placed under the sign of black and white, this one has chosen to be multicolored by proposing a theme supposed to speak to as many people as possible: the party, from yesterday to today.

Barely out of this giant discotheque, still a little disheveled and the body charged with adrenaline, News Rennes gives you three good reasons to go there this summer.

1. You will be transported to Brazil

This great collective celebration is organized in three main places: FRAC Brittany, the Champs-Libres and Beaux-arts museum. (We also advise you to do all three in the same day, or during a weekend, to soak up the best of the world of the exhibition, editor’s note.)

During the visit, you travel through the ages and countries of the world. From the United States of the 1960s, via France, Germany, Ukraine, or even Brazil, a country culturally in love with the party.

Three works particularly made us travel:

  • swinguerra, by Barbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, 2019. (at the FRAC)
  • Beaches, by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, 2001. (at the FRAC)
  • The series of photographs by Diane Arbus, multiple years. (at FRAC)

2. You will be the main actor of this great evening

After traveling around the world, you now have the opportunity to be at the heart of the party, by becoming the main actor of this great collective evening.

“The works presented invite the public to live a unique, collective or individual experience, appealing to their senses, encouraging interaction with proposed devices and setting bodies in motion”, explain the commissioners of the exhibition at the time of its inauguration.

Three works particularly caught our attention:

  • Single Disco, by Bernahard Martin, 1999. (at the Beaux-Arts)
  • Untitled (Dancing Nazis)by Piotr Uklanski, 2008. (at the Beaux-Arts)
  • Mambo at Marienbad, by Marina Abramovic, 2001. (at the Beaux-Arts)

3. Your outlook on the party won’t be the same

Of the Breton rave partypassing through the social events in new york or gatherings celebrating queer culture… You will leave this exhibition having seen a wide range of what the party is in general. Spectator or actor, your gaze will only be better.

Two works particularly marked us:

  • Photography by Jean-François Monier, in Lieuron, 2021. (at the Champs-Libres)
  • The photo gallery within the 6 floors of the Champs Libres library (multiple years).
The exhibition Not tired. Party in all states takes place until Sunday September 18, 2022 at the FRAC Bretagne (19 Av. André Mussat), Museum of Fine Arts (20 Quai Emile Zola) and Champs-Libres (10 Cour des Alliés), but also throughout the city, in particular outdoors. The full program can be found here.

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