Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max ... James Cameron denounces the "scam" of streaming for the public

Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max … James Cameron denounces the “scam” of streaming for the public

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The director ofAvatar 2: The WaterwayJames Cameron denounced the fragile balance on which the streaming platforms are based as well as their policy during the pandemic.

Avatar 2 Will it break all box office records? Difficult to answer this thorny question for the moment even if the feature film by James Cameron is already the 7th biggest success of all time. The success of the blockbuster not only reassured its author (who was risking a lot in the business), it above all breathed a real breath of fresh air into a cinema park very affected by the closure of theaters during the Covid-19 pandemic. and fierce competition from streaming platforms.

A competition that James Cameron does not see very favorably, the filmmaker did not hide his animosity towards this new consumption practice. He thus declared to variety “to be tired of sitting with your ass on your chair and that you had to go back to the cinema”. These vehement remarks join other very significant words pronounced by the director.

“Don’t worry, I will always support the halls”

Indeed, during the podcast Kim Master’s The BusinessJames Cameron expressed his fears about the politics of streaming and denigrated the strategy of the platforms during the pandemic:

“I have the impression that the virus [du streaming, ndlr] infected everyone when the pandemic hit (and it didn’t just hurt, it killed cinemas)… We’re resurrecting cinema today, but it’s been killing theaters for almost a year… They [les dirigeants des plateformes, ndlr] were all telling a great story to people on Wall Street, about how they were going to create all this content.

And from what I could observe from afar because I wasn’t directly involved, it seems like everyone was throwing money down the drain in order to generate content and constantly regenerate or renew their catalogue… But it now seems to me that the viewer must subscribe to eight or ten subscriptions [HBO, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, Paramount+, etc.] to see everything… it is therefore obvious that this situation cannot continue, a priori, and that it is a real Ponzi [un système frauduleux, ndlr]. I think there will be some regulation thereafter. »

Avatar: The Waterway: photo“Well, we will have to choose which subscription to keep”

Like Steven Spielberg (who had denounced Warner’s strategy following the Covid-19 crisis) or Christopher Nolan (who had left Warner because of his actions with HBO Max and co.), James Cameron regrets somewhere the waste generated by the war between streaming companies, ready to spend fortunes in order to broadcast ever more content (especially exclusives). Moreover, he points the finger at the fragile balance of the system, underlining the financial inability of people with modest budgets to take out so many subscriptions (which would eventually lead to the closure of certain platforms and it has already been the case, RIP Quibi). This very interesting analysis deserves to be debated in the near future (and the reader will be left to form his own opinion on this thorny subject).

Be that as it may, James Cameron can congratulate himself on the triumph ofAvatar 2 after the terrible period experienced by the cinema park. And despite the emergence of the practice of streaming, the public still seems inclined to travel to attend a major show like his latest feature film. Avatar 2: The Waterway is to this day, still visible exclusively in theaters.

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