Brest: which direct destinations from the airport for the holidays?

Brest: which direct destinations from the airport for the holidays?

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From Brest, several destinations with direct flights are available to travelers in France and Europe. ©Brest side

Summer vacation is imminent! Some of you may not have chosen your destination yet. If you have the chance to leave, will you do it by train, by car, or by plane? The direct flight destinations from Brest Guipavas airport can give us ideas and avoid the headache of the journey.

From June to September, direct destinations are more numerous than during the rest of the year. We take stock.

15 destinations in France

If you choose to stay in France, you have a choice. Fifteen destinations are offered, including the Corsica, very popular. You can leave Brest on Saturday and land directly in Ajaccio and Bastia until October 29, and in Figari until October 8. Elsewhere in France, you can go and discover Biarritz at Pays Basque (new this year, from July 9 to August 27), Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice (until October 28, but Easy Jet intends to keep this line all year), Toulon and Toulouse.

As for the capital, you can land there at Paris – Charles-de-Gaulle airport and at Orly.

Biarritz is a new connection departing from Brest this summer. ©Brest Bretagne Airport

Closer to home but just as exotic, Ouessant (until October 29, but the island is accessible by boat all year round) and Belle-Île-en-Mer (until October 28) are also destinations accessible by plane from Brest airport with Finist’air.

“In 2021, still a special year with the health crisis, people preferred to move to France. Corsica was very popular, it was the perfect destination to go to the sun. Toulon is also still working very well, it’s the Var, the islands…”, indicates Fanny Charles, commercial director of Brest Bretagne airport.

In Europe

Want to leave France? Until October 26, every Wednesday, departures take place towards Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Until October 28, on Fridays and Sundays, you can go to Port in Portugal. Want a little more exoticism? Direction the Crete in Greece, in Heraklion. Aegean Airlines offers flights every Tuesday until October 18.

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Heraklion, Greece. ©Brest Bretagne Airport

New this year, the Brest-Birmingham connection, every Saturday, from July 9 to September 30, with the return of the low-cost English company Flybe.

Do you prefer to discover the English capital? The city of London is not offered from Brest, but it is from Quimper, from June 18 to September 3, with four flights per week.

And next year?

If Palma de Mallorca is one of the airport’s destinations, the managers would like to offer more to theSpain. “We will work on that for next year. We hope that the Covid leaves us alone to find companies and risk taking on their part. We would also like to have flights toItaly, and more generally expand our offer in Europe,” says Fanny Charles. Which reminds that there are up to four daily flights to Paris – Charles-de-Gaulle and up to three daily flights to Lyons and its platform airport correspondence. Where it is possible to fly to many other places in the world.

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