PS Plus Premium: be careful, your PS5 saves are incompatible with cloud gaming

PS Plus Premium: be careful, your PS5 saves are incompatible with cloud gaming

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Sony has launched its new PlayStation Plus subscription offer. The Premium package allows you to play streaming video games thanks to cloud gaming. Problem: you won’t have the right to your saves if you also play on PS5.

The PlayStation Plus after the June 2022 redesign // Source: Sony

This is a very grotesque situation for a brand new subscription service launched at 16.99 euros per month. If you’re a PS5 gamer, Sony’s latest console, and you subscribe to the all-new PlayStation Plus Premium, Sony’s best subscription, you may be penalized in your gaming experience.

One of the great advantages of the Premium subscription level is access to streaming games thanks to cloud gaming. It thus replaces the PlayStation Now service offered by Sony previously. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, you will not be able to find your game saves on the cloud service, or only under certain very specific conditions.

Sony does not know how to manage its generation change

Here is the scenario: you launch the game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales which you have already played for a few hours on PS5, but this time from the streaming service, whether on PC or PlayStation. The game may no longer be installed, or you want to play it at your vacation spot on a laptop, whatever! You pay for the PlayStation Plus Premium and you intend to use your subscription to play in cloud gaming.

Miles Morales no premium PS Plus save
Source: Sony

And there is the hiccup: the service does not find any backup available in the cloud. Forced to start the game from scratch and redo the same missions. However, you made sure to transfer your PS5 game saves to the cloud thanks to PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus no save available
The service cannot find the backup // Source: Frandroid

The reason is quite simple: Sony’s cloud gaming service currently uses PlayStation 4s and the brand does not know how to manage the console generation change. And for good reason, the format of game saves on PS4 is not the same as on PS5.

The downside that becomes a problem

At the launch of the PlayStation 5, this had already caused some problems for Sony. Some games had to be updated to allow the PS4 save game to be imported to the PS5 version game. Enough to continue your game once you have changed your console for the new generation.

Here, the inconvenience once again catches up with Sony and becomes a real problem in the face of the user. Since the streaming service runs on PS4s, you can’t find your PS5 saves, even if they’re transferred to the cloud. If you start a new game in cloud gaming and you have the misfortune to continue your game on PS5 with the save import, you will create a bifurcation and separate your save. Imagine you are standing in front of mission number 3 in cloud gaming. You import the backup on your PS5 and you complete this mission 3 then mission 4. As the formats are incompatible, the next time you launch the game in cloud gaming, you will still be in front of mission 3: your progress on PS5 will not be not recorded.

To put it simply: it is impossible to switch from cloud gaming to the PS5 or vice versa and keep your progress. We are talking here in the event that you want to play games on PS5… in PS5 version.

The solution: no longer play games in PS5 version

Because there is still a solution: play PlayStation games in PS4 version on your PS5 thanks to backward compatibility. The file format is well compatible in this case and you can enjoy the cloud gaming service well. In this case, you will not really benefit from the power of the PS5 or the support of the DualSense. Farewell the raytracing in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for example.

The most patient will have to wait for Sony to offer to run the games in PS5 version from cloud gaming. Only then will it be possible to share the same progress between cloud gaming and the PS5.

And with the competition?

It’s hard not to talk about the situation in the Xbox ecosystem. At Microsoft, all game saves have been automatically saved in the cloud since the launch of the Xbox One in 2013 and free of charge (cloud storage is paid for at PlayStation). The firm even offered an update on Xbox 360 to offer to transfer its backups from the time. The backups are then perfectly synchronized whether on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles or in cloud gaming. You can always find your progress.

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