The electricity bill for the ice rink in Porrentruy takes the lift

The electricity bill for the ice rink in Porrentruy takes the lift

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The SIDP committee presented the 2021 accounts on Wednesday evening in Coeuve. They end up with a deficit of 136,000 francs while the budget provided for a loss of 75,000 francs. This difference of approximately 60,000 francs, which is explained by the accounting depreciation of the ice rink, which was greater than expected. Delegates accepted the 2021 accounts by a clear majority.

Another thing that was bigger than expected was the electricity bill for the rink. The 2021 budget provided for an expenditure of 135,000 francs, a sum which ultimately amounts to 217,000 francs. This increase of almost 60% can be explained by two factors, according to Gregory Pressacco, the technical manager of SIDP: “The building’s electricity needs were underestimated from the start. The projections were made from the old building with a single ice field. We now know that the rink consumes 2 million kilowatt-hours per year. The other reason is simply rising electricity costs. “And the bill has not finished climbing. According to Gregory Pressacco, an additional cost of around 200,000 francs is to be expected for 2022. This increase will have an impact on the users of the ice rink. “We will have to pass it on to the ice hours. Currently we charge 170 francs per hour to user clubs, the price could go up to 200 francs” estimates Gregory Pressacco.

The governance of the SIDP in question

Another point which occupied the delegates of the SIDP on Wednesday evening concerns the file of the governance of the union. The audit company BDO, mandated by the SIDP to take stock of the situation, came to share its observations after meeting several members of the union. According to the company, it is necessary to relieve the SIDP committee so that it can project itself and anticipate the challenges to come. How to do ? This is the question that the working group that will examine the issue will attempt to answer. It will submit a report on September 30 which will allow discussions to begin in October with the aim of building a new model of governance in order to cope with the increasingly heavy and complex tasks entrusted to the SIDP.

The interdistrict interconnection would cost 2 million

The SIDP provided an update on the issue of the interdistrict interconnection of the water network. The connection project between the SIDP and Haute-Sorne networks is progressing. The study conducted this summer has been completed. The cost of this connection would be 1,995,000 francs. Before the case went any further, a grant application was made to the canton. A meeting with the cantonal authorities is planned after the summer holidays. It will make it possible to set the subsidy rate. Finally, La Baroche, the last town in the district not to be connected to the SIDP water network, will ultimately never be. A study has shown that a connection to the Ante pipe in Charmoille, which belongs to Porrentruy, would be much less expensive. It is therefore this solution that will be preferred. An agreement between the municipality of La Baroche, the SIDP and the municipality of Porrentruy has been agreed.

Waste is more expensive, PDR accepted

Another observation made on Wednesday evening when reading the accounts, the waste service is in deficit. He recorded a loss of 75,000 francs. To make up for this deficit, an increase in the tax (per bag and per weight) was decided on 1er January 2022. But another problem has happened in the meantime: the rise in oil prices has increased the price of taxed bags as well as the collection costs. According to Lionel Maître, member of the committee in charge of waste, an analysis is underway to propose a new tax increase to balance the waste accounts.

On Wednesday evening, SIDP delegates also accepted the new Regional Master Plan (RDP).

The rink will no longer need a National League waiver

Wednesday evening’s session ended on a rather positive note. SIDP president Stéphane Babey announced that the ice rink in Porrentruy now has 5,078 seats. A figure that will allow it to host National League matches without exemption from the league. /tna

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