HBO Max: These very scary movies that you absolutely must not watch alone at home!

HBO Max: These very scary movies that you absolutely must not watch alone at home!

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You will find in this article the best horror movies available on HBO Max. To discover absolutely!

Few things are more enjoyable than making popcorn, turning off the lights, and being spooked by a movie. But with so many streaming services, it’s hard to know where to get your scare fix.

Luckily, HBO Max has a huge selection of horror movies. From classics to new releases, you’ve got you covered. And the included variety offers choices if you like your scares to come with a dose of humor, action, surrealism, or none of the above. Here are some of the great horror titles the platform is currently bringing to you! Do not miss !

HBO Max: The best horror movies on the platform

Se7ensins is a haunting detective story that goes far beyond “whodunnit”. We’ll see Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman investigate a series of heinous murders in which each murder is committed in the vein of one of the Seven Deadly Sins! This 2h7 minute feature film is simply brutal and gory. We expected no less from David Fincher! Check it out on HBO Max!

Are you looking for an absolutely haunting horror film that contains as many emotions as fears? The Conjurings should be at the top of your list of shows to watch on HBO Max. Directed by genre master James Wan, The Conjuring delves into the real-life cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren!

The 2013 film is responsible for launching the most successful horror franchise of all time. And the last installment, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, which allowed the franchise to exceed the bar of $2 billion at the box office. The first film revolves around a family in Rhode Island. She moves into a country house with a horrible history and begins to experience all sorts of disturbing events. It’s on HBO Max!

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson bring captivating and romantic versions of Ed and Lorraine to life. Moreover, their love story provides a complementary balance to Wan’s masterful horror. “The Conjuring” gave the genre a new impetus almost ten years ago. And there remains theone of the best horror movies to watch when you need a good scare. Check it out on HBO Max!

The list goes on…

Antlers is a deeply depressing yet dynamic film about societal decay. His vision and growing sense of dread make it a gripping experience. Set in a small town in Oregon, the title stars Keri Russell as a middle school teacher who begins to suspect that something is wrong with one of her students.

Don’t miss it on HBO Max! As she attempts to support him by learning more about what is wrong, she discovers that her home life is haunted by the devastation of poverty. But also on the creeping entity ofa monstrous force which threatens to consume it.

This film available on HBO Max is explicitly a journey of the “horror as metaphor” type. In particular, the use of precise effects and lighting gives a final that is as beautiful as it is brutal! In search of’a good dose of fright ? Know that the HBO Max platform offers you the advantage of enjoying the cult horror title, freddie.

This is one of his feature films that could traumatize you for life. You will understand, it is not recommended for children! Also, the same goes for “Night of the Living Dead.” A scary film that should not be watched alone!

HBO Max: Annabelle!

annabelle is a spin-off of the haunting and terrifying “Conjuring” movies starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. It tells the origin story of the creepy porcelain doll we see locked in the Warrens’ home in the first film. Furthermore, the story follows John (Ward Horton) and Mia (Annabelle Wallis). John brings the doll home – before it’s haunted – for their unborn daughter. It’s still on HBO Max.

Unfortunately, that night, their next-door neighbors are murdered by a couple who then storm their house. The police kill the man, but the woman, Annabelle, commits suicide and clings to the doll. Of the supernatural phenomena then begin to occur in the house. The film manages to tell Annabelle’s origin story, which is nothing short of chilling. In short, this feature film will give you nightmares… but it’s worth it! Also available on HBO Max!

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