Purchasing power: activity bonus, APA, AAH, RSA... These social aids that the French do not claim

Purchasing power: activity bonus, APA, AAH, RSA… These social aids that the French do not claim

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In France, ten billion euros of social aid would not be claimed by their potential beneficiaries each year. Administrative complexity, ignorance of aid or fear of stigma. Why do the French turn away from their aid?

Last March, Emmanuel Macron, then campaigning for the presidential elections, described the system for paying certain aid to the French “illegible” and “unfair”. This so-called illegibility seems to be particularly true today for many citizens. Whether for the RSA, the APA, the AAH or the ASPA, the French not claiming this aid – when they are entitled to it – number in the thousands.

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At least ten billion euros in social aid would not be claimed each year in France

According to the Mes-allocs.fr platform, nearly ten billion euros in social aid are not claimed by their potential beneficiaries each year in France. What are these aids? And how can you take advantage of it? We explain to you.


This is perhaps the best known aid. Perceived by 1.95 million households in France last year, the RSA is not yet claimed enough. The rate of non-use of the RSA is estimated at 34% on average per quarter, and at 20% over the long term. Do you want to benefit from it? Note that this assistance is open, under certain conditions, “to people aged at least 25 (without resources editor’s note) and young workers aged 18 to 24 if they are single parents or have a certain length of professional activity” explains the French administration.

1/3 of French people who are entitled to RSA do not use it.

The non-use of rights is a major political issue.

What use are policies that do not reach their target?

Public action must be restructured so that it is accessible to all. @AlterEco_ pic.twitter.com/bHsLq9yj7q

— Emilie Agnoux (@EmilieAgnoux) February 20, 2022

To benefit from it, you must complete forms relating to your situation and/or contact services such as CAF, MSA, departmental services, the CCAS of your home or an association authorized by the departmental services.

activity bonus

Millions of you are eligible for the activity bonus and almost as many do not apply for it. “Nearly one in two French people miss out on their activity bonus”, explains Joseph Terzikhan, founder of the Mes-allocs.fr platform”. This aid tends to “encourage workers with modest resources to exercise or resume a professional activity and to support their purchasing power”, specifies the site of the Public Service.


For the AAH (allowance for disabled adults), the problem is the same. Too few French people ask for it. But how to explain this phenomenon? “For about half of the cases of non-recourse, it is the lack of information, for a quarter it is a problem of administrative complexity and for 20% of the cases, it is indeed the fear of being stigmatized, linked to the shame of asking for this kind of help”, continues Joseph Terzikhan.


The ASPA (Solidarity allowance for the elderly) is a monthly income granted to retirees with low incomes. According to a study by the DREES, in 2016, “50% of single people eligible for the minimum old age do not use it (i.e. more than 300,000 people)”. It should be understood that this income can be significant for some. “These non-claimants, if they so requested, would receive an average of 205 euros per month,” adds the DREES.

Same observation for the APA (Personalized Autonomy Assistance) where the rate of non-use is between 20 and 28%. It may also be essential. Depending on your “iso-resources group”, you can benefit from a fixed amount of up to €1,737.14 monthly.

Finally, note that many French people turn away from their aid for fear of making a mistake when applying. “By being wrong, they are getting help they shouldn’t have received. I promise you there are plenty of people who are no longer asking for help because of this because they have to pay back large sums money”, concludes Joseph Terzikhan.

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