Why do you have to turn off your car engine when refueling?

Why do you have to turn off your car engine when refueling?

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When we go to a gas station, there are a series of prohibitions and contraindications displayed. Among these alerts, we are invited to stop the engine of the car to refuel. But what can happen if you refuel with the engine running?

The rules displayed by gas stations for drivers who come to refuel are not respected by everyone, it may be because some of them do not really understand the danger. Using your phone or leaving the engine running while refueling can pose risks. Here are the best tips for all drivers!

Why is it forbidden to fill up with the engine running?

fill up

Filling up with fuel – Source: spm

Each gas station has several operating rules in terms of safety. In view of the increased risk of imminent danger, which can cause accidents, petrol stations are obliged to display several messages which must be observed by every driver.

We all know that smokers are only allowed to smoke in designated areas, not near the station. On the other hand, rules that are misunderstood or unknown to other drivers are not really respected.

One of them concerns filling the fuel tank while the engine is running. The danger of causing a fire due to a running engine is small, but it does exist. It is possible that sparking in an environment with combustible vapors could cause a fire. Modern cars are built in optimal conditions and the risk of explosion is extremely low, but in the case of old cars this is not excluded.

Also, letting the engine cool down is very important because letting an engine continue to run allows for continued engine heating. A single mistake could lead to a fire that can destroy the car. For those refueling cars, it is advisable to also open the car doors once the car is parked.

What dangers can mobile phones present?

phone service station

She uses her phone in the gas station – Source: spm

Cell phone use while refueling is prohibited. Although no such situation has been reported, it can still happen. This prohibition can be classified in the same category as the use of mobile phones during the flight. The mobile phone will not cause disaster, but it will make the user much more inattentive to what is happening around him, which could constitute a danger. It is advisable to precisely follow certain rules at gas stations to stay safe.

Electrostatic discharge can cause disasters

gas station

The gas station – Source: spm

A real fire hazard is synthetics. These can cause electrostatic discharge when they come into contact with the fuel pump or other metal parts. This can cause a fire.

Given the situations presented above, it is important that drivers take these recommendations into account and strive to comply with them for their safety and that of those around them.

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