Ditch everything and spend your summer cleaning things with a karcher in PowerWash Simulator

Ditch everything and spend your summer cleaning things with a karcher in PowerWash Simulator

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PowerWash Simulator is a video game in which the objective is simple: to clean dirty buildings, vehicles and objects. And we love it.

I fell into the trap of virtual cleaning. One evening when it was already time to go to bed (about 2 a.m.), I launched the video game PowerWash Simulator, available, in particular, in the Xbox Game Pass. I only turned off my Xbox Series X an hour later, with sore eyes, yes, but with a sense of accomplishment. As indicated by his name, PowerWash Simulator is a cleaning simulation. With a karcher and various tips, we must remove all the dirt from objects, vehicles or buildings. So much for ecology.

PowerWash Simulator could be yet another ultra-complex simulation, which would delight the few purists – and then leave the others aside. This is not the case. Because you can’t imagine how satisfying it is to see a surface rid of all its dirt after a few passages of high-pressure cleaner. You don’t even have to be a maniac to enjoy the show. The pleasure is immediate and addictive: you always want to give back some shine to one more object. You no longer want to let go of your controller, as long as the percentage of completion does not reach 100% – hence the risk of shortened nights.

A sacred arsenal. // Source: Xbox Screenshot

PowerWash Simulator sucked my soul

Manage your music

The soundtrack of PowerWash Simulator is very minimalist and revolves around a few sound effects. In short, plan your best podcasts and playlists.

In PowerWash Simulator, the task is simple: you have to clean, clean and… clean. For this, we have a karcher with different nozzles, which offer different jets. They are distinguished by the surface they cover and, by extension, their power. Concretely, the more the jet is concentrated, the more powerful and precise it is. On this point, PowerWash Simulator is quite realistic. To this arsenal are added the possibility of using cleaning liquids adapted to the different materials (which are not always of appreciable efficiency) and that of directing the jet (vertically or horizontally). There is also a dirt sensor, capable of revealing all the places that still need to be cleaned. Be careful, you have to take out the magnifying glass when there are only a few centimeters left to strip.

PowerWash Simulator
At work… // Source: Capture Xbox

In short, there is nothing profoundly magical, nor technical, in PowerWash Simulator. The only real constraints are related to the time required (it’s time-consuming to tackle a building) and the sometimes complex shape of the things to clean. Some less accessible corners require a little thinking, or downright require to play the acrobats to reach the raised places. The hero can also squat, lie down or use some very practical accessories (stepladder, ladder…). And, by dint of collecting money, he will be able to acquire ever more efficient cleaning tools. This slight pleasantness of progression is not the most interesting part of PowerWash Simulatorbut allows you to vary the pleasures a little.

Happiness in a comparison :

The developers of PowerWash Simulator know what levers to pull to motivate players to leave everything to spend their lives cleaning. Besides the visual satisfaction (seeing a metal shine again, for example), there is this percentage that only increases, these hard-won stars or even this little timelapse film at the end (as if it were a huge feat). And since the career mode imposes no time limit, PowerWash Simulator is often nothing more than a great moment of relaxation, coupled with a test of patience.

You pause your brain, aim, pull the trigger and…that’s it. It happens that certain tasks are more stubborn than others, requiring several passages of the karcher (small confession: it is even more gratifying). Last good idea from the studio: the missions alternate the short (a simple vehicle) and the long, even the very long. Finally, nothing is done to rush you and no one can be zero in PowerWash Simulator. The only pressure, it is in your cleaner.

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