Mi-2026, la ligne de tramway T2 deviendra la Ligne Aéroport Express en direction de l

Toulouse. Here are the next ten big public transport projects: what will change

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    • In mid-2026, the T2 tram line will become the Airport Express Line towards Toulouse airport. This will produce major changes on the T1 tram line.

(©David Saint-Sernin/Actu Toulouse)

While the largest urban cable car in France was inaugurated last May, other public transport projects, some very important such as the Connexion Ligne and the 3e metro line, are coming in Toulouse and its surrounding area.

Until 2028, ten projects will be operational. Wednesday, June 8, 2022, in union committee, Tisseo has set a schedule for all of these projects, as part of a specific roadmap.

Here are these public transport projects that are set to change your daily life in terms of travel in the Pink City.

#1. Lineo 10 bus line in September 2022

Nowadays, nine Lineo lines were delivered, carrying 110,000 passengers daily (pre-COVID data, December 2019). As a reminder, the Linéo line concept offers bus passages at higher frequencies (one bus every 5 to 9 minutes during peak hours, 15 minutes during off-peak hours) and at an extended time amplitude (from 5:15 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.) with improved travel time thanks to dedicated bus facilities.

“They participate in improving accessibility to employment areas and serving the inhabitants of the agglomeration”, assures Tisséo, which plans to put new lines into service on this model.

The next Lineo line will be the Lineo 10. His bet in service will take place in September 2022. This bus line, long 10.8 kmwill go from the Fenouillet shopping center to the La Vache metro station in Toulouse.

The line will pass through the municipalities of Fenouillet, Saint-Alban, Fonbeauzard, Aucamville and Toulouse.

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The Lineo 10 bus line will go from Fenouillet to La Vache metro station in Toulouse.  It will transport 7000 users per day according to Tisséo.
The Lineo 10 bus line will go from Fenouillet to La Vache metro station in Toulouse. It will transport 7000 users per day according to Tisséo. (©Tisseo)

As with the other nine Linéo lines, the buses will run continuously from 5:15 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. and until 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. At rush hour, this bus will save 10 minutes of travel according to Tisséo’s estimates, in particular due to new bus lanes that have been created on 3.4 km of the 10.8 km route.

This line, which will cost €16.7 millionwill be put into service in an area of ​​the Toulouse conurbation particularly affected by traffic jams.

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#2. Lineo 11 bus line to Frouzins in 2023

It was to enter service in September 2022 according to Tisséo’s provisional schedule, it will finally be for September 2023.

Lineo 11 line will depart from the metro terminus of Basso Cambowill pass in front of Francazal, will serve the Cugnaux town center before continuing on to Villeneuve Tolosanethen Fruzins.

It will do approximately 11.5km with a target of 7,200 passengers per day. Tisséo rated at 6.5 million euros the investment costs for fitting-out works and systems (screens, information terminals and priority at traffic lights), excluding rolling stock.

#3. Doubling the frequency of the tram to Odyssud

As part of the restructuring of the conurbation’s two tramway lines by 2026, Tisséo started work this winter on creation of a partial terminus on the T1 line which connects the Palais-de-Justice in Toulouse to the MEET located in the town of Aussonne.

This partial terminus project, located in Odyssud on the T1 line, goes hand in hand with the Airport Express Line (LAE) project which will replace the current T2 line (see project #6 below).

Train frequency doubled

From mid-2023, when T2 is shut down for three years due to works, the trains running on T2 will be reassigned to T1, which will double the frequency to the partial terminus.

In concrete terms, when the partial terminus is there, the frequency will be one train every 4.5 minutes between the Palais-de-Justice and Odyssud, then 9 minutes on the Odyssud-MEETT section.

That until the terminus

After 2026 and the delivery of the Aeroport Express Line (LAE), despite the purchase of new trains, Tisséo will not be able to both increase the frequency of passage of the tramway on the LAE line to the airport and keep a double frequency on all of T1. It is for this reason that the partial terminus will be created in Odyssud.

“The increase in frequency responds to a growing demand for travel, it
will considerably improve travel conditions for our travelers in the long term”, declared Jean-Michel Lattes, President of Tisséo Collectivités and Tisséo Ingénierie.

#4. Lineo 14 bus line

In September 2024, bus line 14, the one that comes into action when metro line A is at a standstill, will be replaced by a Linéo line between the Basso-Cambo and Marengo terminals.

It was on April 13 that Tisséo voted the birth certificate of a new line, baptized Lineo 14, which will cross the city center of Toulouse.


“Surrounding the octagon from the north, it will irrigate the heart of the city by taking the boulevards from Jean-Jaurès to Saint-Cyprien via Jeanne d’Arc, Compans-Caffarelli and the Amidonniers. To the south, it will cross the priority and dense neighborhoods of Grand Mirail and will connect the major educational generators to the city center, such as the Jean-Jaurès University and the Arènes and Rive Gauche high schools,” explains Tisséo.

The buses of the future Lineo 14 line will leave (or arrive) at the Marengo bus station.
The buses of the future Lineo 14 line will leave (or arrive) at the Marengo bus station. (©David Saint-Sernin/Actu Toulouse)
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#5. An “express line” to Muret

To the south-west of Toulouse, the territory of Muretain will not see the third metro line pass. But he will benefit from the first “Express line” of the Tisséo network, a new concept which should make it possible to better connect Toulouse to the second and third crowns.

Initially hoped for in 2022, its commissioning will finally take place in 2024.

This Express line will connect Toulouse-Basso-Cambo at Muret.

The route

The line will follow the old national 117 from the town center of Muret, then will cross the commercial area of ​​Roques-sur-Garonne, that of Portet-sur-Garonne, then the business area of ​​Larrieu.

Here is the route of the future Express line from Toulouse to Muret.  Commissioning in 2024.
Here is the route of the future Express line from Toulouse to Muret. Commissioning in 2024. (©Tisseo)

35 minute ride

of a length of the order of 17 km, time to journey is estimated at 35 minutes in peak hours.

The investment is valued at 13.7 million euros.

“The challenge of an Express line linking Muret to Basso-Cambo is really to promote modal shift by capturing workers, especially at peak times with increased frequency aimed at meeting the high demand for home-work journeys” , explained Tisséo a few months ago.

The line will also operate on Saturdays with one bus every 30 minutes during peak hours and one bus every hour during off-peak hours.

#6. A Lineo 12 bus line

East of the Pink City, the year 2026 will see the creation of a neighborhood-to-neighbourhood link for users who wish to travel from the northeast to the southeast of the Pink City by public transport, without necessarily go through the city center.

Underserved neighborhoods

A new line Lineo 12 will indeed connect Bordeaux to Rangueil via a 14.5 km route which will include 36 stops. This route will run along the ring road for a long time.

The Linéo 12 will serve rapidly developing neighborhoods such as Borderouge, Montaudran and Guillaumet, but also residential areas far from the metro such as Soupetard, the lower part of the Limayrac district, Saint-Exupéry Bréguet and Rangueil.

The route of the future Lineo 12 line
The route of the future Lineo 12 line (©Tisseo)

The Linéo 12 takes up all or part of the routes of the current bus lines n°19, 23, 36, 37. It will therefore lead to an adaptation of these bus lines”, explains Tisséo.

The only downside is that the commissioning of the line was scheduled for 2024 according to Tisséo’s initial schedule. It will therefore have an ignition delay of two years.

#7. An Express bus line to Colomiers then Saint-Lys

This will be the second Express line after the one to Muret. Tisséo plans to run this bus in the West Saint-Lys-Fonsorbes-Colomiers basin with a target of implementation in September 2025.

Note that Tisséo is already considering the possibility of creating a similar line in the North Borderouge-Pechbonnieu-Montberon basin.

#8. The Line B Connection (CLB) will extend metro line B

The Line B Connection (CLB), this project which aims to extend metro line B by 2.7 km, from Ramonville to Labègevia the creation of two stations, that of the Technological Park of the Canal and that of the National Polytechnic Institute (INP) of Toulouse will be commissioning in 2027 according to the schedule announced by Tisséo. This will be the only very big structuring project before the 3e underground line.

It is estimated to be used by 14,000 travelers each day.

Preparatory work began in the spring.

The civil engineering works will begin in 2023 and the CLB will be delivered in September 2027.

“The project schedule has been updated to incorporate the effects of the health crisis and the delays in negotiating the system market with Siemens,” Tisséo specified in December 2022.

#9. The Airport Express Line

Behind the third metro line and the CLB, this is one of the major projects expected in terms of public transport in Toulouse.

As a reminder, the Airport Express Line was mentioned by Tisséo in 2017. This tram, described as “express” by Tisséo, will run only from the Jean-Maga station, to Toulouse-Blagnac airport, on the 2.7 km route of the current line T2.

It will be separated from the T1 tramway line, which has linked downtown Toulouse to Beauzelle since 2010.

7 minutes from Jean-Maga station

“This ‘high frequency’ line will make it possible to reach the airport in 7 minutes from Jean-Maga. The frequency will therefore be one train every 5 minutes instead of one train every 15 minutes currently. To do this, Tisséo will buy five new trains which will be used on the 2.7 km line.

A project that will cost 27.35 million euros. Only big downside: the shutdown of the T2 line around mid-2023 for the commissioning of the LAE line scheduled for the end of 2026, i.e. a stoppage for 3 and a half years.

#10. The 3e metro line between Labège and Colomiers

This is the most important project and also the most distant. The network diversion works have already started and the civil engineering works will really begin in 2023. Then, if the schedule is respected, the 3e metro line that will link Colomiers to Labège will be put into service at the end of 2028.

As a reminder, this 27 km long line will include 21 stations (including 17 underground stations) and will notably serve the major hubs of the Airbus group.

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