Activate this option on WhatsApp to stop receiving annoying group notifications

Activate this option on WhatsApp to stop receiving annoying group notifications

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Group chats on the WhatsApp platform are perfect for bringing your friends together in one space, but the more group members join the chat, the more notifications you receive, and this can become particularly annoying. There is a trick that can overcome this inconvenience.

Among the recurring WhatsApp group invitations are those relating to family discussions or those of university students. Almost everyone is invited to the point that we are drowning in notifications from all over the place. The problem is that these conversations rarely arouse our interest and it then becomes imminent to find a solution to stop them. Never mind, we show you how to get around this inconvenience in a few seconds.

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WhatsApp Notification – Source: spm

There is a handy function on the WhatsApp social network that allows you not to disable all conversations. Certain options of the application indeed allow mute a group that you have selected and even to disable notifications by choosing the deactivation period. It can be temporary or permanent. Without further ado, here is how to disable group notifications on the app:

– Disable notifications from a WhatsApp group on Android

If you’re annoyed by notifications from a particular group or groups and want to put an end to pesky alerts, tap to start the conversation then on the 3 vertical points at the top right. Then go to the first option displayed, namely the “Group info” or press directly on the name of the group in question.

You will see a screen appear with the option to disable notifications, a bell next to it and an enable button on the other side. Press on the latter to deactivate the option following which you will see a window offering you choices for setting the group’s activation and deactivation times.

The choices are presented as follows : “8 hours”, “1 week” and “Always”. At the bottom, you have a tick option that allows you to have control over the notification display. Uncheck the latter if you do not want to receive unwanted alerts.

Chat on a conversation window of the WhatsApp application

Chat on a conversation window of the WhatsApp application – Source: spm

You also have the option to customize how notifications will show up on your phone. To do this, return to the previous menu then press on “Custom Notifications” represented by the musical note icon. You will see a menu where you can check the option called “Use custom notifications”. Once done, all previously inactive options will now be controllable. You will find that you can now set the ringtone to silent or choose a melody. Same for pop-up notifications, activation of the notification LED and the type of vibration.

As with WhatsApp group notifications, you can of course act on all the applications on your phone which can often annoy your user experience. We therefore think of Facebook Messenger, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

– How to act on all groups at once to disable notifications?

For apply the same settings mentioned above on all group conversations, you will go to the Chats window of your WhatsApp application and then click on the three vertical dots to access the “settings”. You will have the choice to configure group notifications like those targeted at specific groups and that we have seen previously. You can also manage light options, vibration mode as well as pop-up notifications that you can dim or increase at will. Here you just have to choose the combination of choices you want and make them applicable to all the discussion groups in which you are invited.

User browsing the Chat window of the WhatsApp application

User browsing the Chat window of the WhatsApp application – Source: spm

– Disable notifications from a WhatsApp group on IPhone

As on Android, it is also possible to disable notifications from a WhatsApp group on iPhone. To do this, select the group and click on “Mute”. Also choose the timeout period which can be 8 hours, 1 week or forever.

We will also specify that in the same context of unwanted interactions on the phone, know that the WhatsApp platform now allows you to protect yourself from unwanted people.

All these settings were not possible in earlier versions of the WhatsApp social network. It can definitely be said that these options are particularly advantageous.

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