Top 10 Awesome Characters Whose Names We Never Remember

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There are movie characters whose names we can never forget like Marty McFly, Jack and Rose in titanic or the insufferable Kevin McCallister. Unfortunately, not all characters are so lucky: there are cult films, sometimes even our favorite films, for which it is impossible to remember the names of the heroes. The poor, they don’t deserve such humiliation…

The Karate Kid

In the first film, the kid who becomes a karate pro in a few weeks is called Daniel LaRusso and everyone quickly forgets his name since they call him the karate kid. Plus, he changes his name in the 2010 movie to Dr. Parker, which really doesn’t help us.

The prison guard in The Green Line

In the saddest film in the world, the prisoner is called John Coffey. Everyone remembers him because his name is pronounced about 67 times in 3 hours of film. However, no one remembers the name of the character played by Tom Hanks. So we just say “Tom Hanks in The green Line instead of saying Paul Edgecomb.

The child who sees people who are dead

We remember quite easily the cult replicas of Sixth Sense but it’s less easy to remember first names and especially that of Cole, the little boy who sees the dead.

Strangely, I remember Vincent’s first name well, played by Donnie Wahlberg, who we only see for two minutes in the film.

The couple of paleontologists in Jurassic Park

In Jurassic Park, we can say that the main characters are Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, the couple of paleontologists who come to visit the park. Yet absolutely no one remembers their names. Impossible, however, to forget that of John Hammond, the worst director of a dinosaur park in the world.

The nice teacher who tells the students to stand on the tables

In the wonderful movie Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams plays the literature teacher. But yes, the teacher to whom the students say “Oh Captain, my Captain! “. The one who climbs on the tables there… Well, it’s hard to remember, but his name is John Keating.

It’s not the last time he will play a great role as a teacher with a forgettable name since we also never remember his name, Sean Maguire, in Will Hunting.

Hyenas in The Lion King

Animals with an important role all have a name that is easily remembered in The Lion King. There’s Scar, Mufasa, Zazou, Timon, Pumba and many more. And then there are the hyenas. Their first names are Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, but you’ll already forget them in five minutes.

Jim Carrey who wants to erase his memories

Without anyone really knowing why, the first name of Clémentine remains in mind for lovers of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. On the other hand, nobody remembers the first name of the main character, played by Jim Carrey. At the same time, this Joel Barish really is a shitty character (about time someone said so).

The carrier

Having watched these movies far too many times when I was younger, I remember vividly that the carrier is actually called Franck Martin. He deserves the world to remember his name, but it’s so much easier to call him “the transporter”.

The dead couple in Beetlejuice

There aren’t many movies with a title character name…that isn’t the main character. However, it is the case of beetle juice. Originally, we follow Barbara and Adam Maitland who die in a car accident (OMG SPOILER, well yeah, don’t read the top if you don’t know the movies too).

The Joker

Other than the very big DC Comics fans and people who have seen the movie starring Joaquin Phoenix 30 times, few people remember the Joker’s real name. In the movie Joker of 2019, his name is Arthur Fleck but he has already been called Jack or Joseph. It’s easier to call him Joker.

That’s all for this super subjective top. Feel free to say in the comments that it’s nonsense because you knew all the first names of all these characters.

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