What happens if you press 'Windows' and 'L' on your computer?  Many don't know

What happens if you press ‘Windows’ and ‘L’ on your computer? Many don’t know

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The use of technology should never be taken lightly. As they say, caution is the mother of safety. Many users these days are well aware that their mobile phones are often targeted by cybercriminals and mobile marketers. The problem is that this device stores a significant amount of personal data, sometimes even very sensitive. However, even being very vigilant, it happens that one cannot escape a malevolent intrusion or underhand surveillance. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to detect whether your Smartphone is being spied on or not.

The Windows 11 operating system, just like other Windows, has several keyboard shortcuts that allow users to access various functions quickly and easily. Recently, a key combination (“Windows” + “L”), which activates a very useful feature, has become very trendy on social networks. According to Xataka, a portal specializing in technology, this keyboard shortcut is very useful since it allows you to protect all your personal information stored on the hard disk, in case you are away for a few minutes or for a long time from your computer. .

What happens if you press ‘Windows’ and ‘L’ on your computer?

A computer on the desk

A computer on the desk – source: spm

Pressing this key combination will cause Windows 11 to temporarily lock the computer. And it is a very secure way since the only way to access your information and personal data is to enter your own password. outmoded. In other words, unless one of your relatives or colleagues knows it, no one will be able to access it without your authorization.

On most PCs, you will be able to resume work by pressing the PC’s power button. However, not all computers are the same: sometimes it is possible to wake it up simply by pressing any key on the keyboard, clicking the mouse button, or just opening the laptop.

It should be noted that this trick is not exclusive to Windows 11, it also works on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and even older operating systems. However, if this keyboard shortcut does not work on your computer, you can use the “suspend” option which has the same function.

More tricks with Windows

What happens if you press the “Windows”, “Shift” and S keys on a PC or laptop?

computer keyboard

Computer keyboard – source: spm

Typically, most people who take screenshots on Windows 10 need to press the “PrintScreen” key and then open an image editor like Photoshop or Paint to save the image. Now, you may not know it, but there is a much simpler way that some users exploit to save time.

So, by pressing ‘Windows’, ‘Shift’ and ‘S’ keys in Windows 10, a small toolbox will appear on top of your laptop or PC. Thanks to this function, you can take 4 different types of screenshots. Practical, no?

Pay attention: Windows 10 detects the CCleaner program as a potential security threat

Many users have noticed it: Microsoft would have blacklisted “CCleaner”. This free computer optimization software has always been very popular for its ability to eliminate “cookies”, temporary files and unnecessary browser elements. Its strength is therefore to promote the cleaning of the PC in order to boost its performance.

CCleaner was created and launched by Piriform in 2003, but later the company was acquired by Avast. Therefore, this service is part of a package with other products of the famous antivirus company. Unfortunately, since 2020, it has been perceived as a threat, or more precisely as a “malware” for the security of Windows 10. This cleaning tool has deteriorated significantly over time, and according to Microsoft Defender, its functionalities are not more optimal: systematic updates, multiplication of pop-ups to encourage users to choose the paid version, regular promotions of Avast products, etc.

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