The AMAG group develops its activities in the field of energy and mobility

The AMAG group develops its activities in the field of energy and mobility

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In a difficult economic context, the AMAG group is expanding its field of activity: with its new offers, it aims to advance CO2-neutral individual mobility. To do this, he notably created the new business unit “AMAG Energy & Mobility”. AMAG Leasing AG is also making available CHF 100 million for the financing of photovoltaic and charging installations for corporate customers and in the EV Clyde ecosystem.

The first half of 2022 has been difficult for everyone: shortages of raw materials, interrupted supply chains and geopolitical tensions due to the war in Ukraine, all of which are top concerns for the economy, the sector and the AMAG Group. Thus, new registrations of passenger cars at the end of July 2022 amounted to around 125,000 units, i.e. a level as low as that of the two previous years, marked by the measures against the coronavirus.

The different brands of the AMAG group performed unevenly, depending on the delivery situation: while VW, SEAT and Cupra lost some market share, Skoda was able to maintain its level and Audi even made progress. In total, the market share of the AMAG brands was 30.7% in July. VW Commercial Vehicles has significantly improved its market share, which now exceeds 25%. The Volkswagen Group expects a gradual recovery in the supply of semiconductors in the second half of 2022, however the situation remains volatile and tense. Despite the current supply difficulties, the AMAG Group was able to deliver twelve percent more plug-in vehicles in the first half of 2022 compared to the same period of the previous year.

Helmut Ruhl, CEO of the AMAG Group: “I would like to thank our customers for the confidence they place in our products and in the commercial organization of our brands. Even if currently we cannot always guarantee them delivery times We are nevertheless pleased with a positive result in these difficult times.”

AMAG Energy & Mobility

The direction is clear: future individual mobility will be electric, and the brands of Volkswagen AG identified this fundamental change early on. Electric cars need electricity, they need to be recharged and, with their accumulators made up of batteries, they will be part of the future energy system. In Switzerland, as in Europe, the question of the origin of electricity is increasingly being asked.

This is why the AMAG Group is consolidating its activities related to energy, charging and the creation of an EV ecosystem in a new business area: “AMAG Energy & Mobility” now includes the business areas Clyde (BEV ecosystem) and Volton (charging management and solutions). This reorganization should make it possible to manage and accelerate the implementation of these activities.

The new unit will be led by Martin Everts as Managing Director. Prior to joining the AMAG Group, Martin Everts was responsible for Corporate Development, Sustainability, Energy Management, Innovation and Technology Management as Head of Strategy and Transformation at a large Swiss energy company.

100 million francs to finance PV installations

The Clyde EV ecosystem aims to self-generate the electricity needed for EVs.

In order to support the sustainability strategies of fleet and commercial customers, AMAG Leasing AG will release 100 million francs for the financing of PV and charging installations.

The AMAG Group itself continues to accelerate the development of its own photovoltaic installations: in 2022, around 20,000 m2 of new photovoltaic installations will be put into operation, and by 2025, around 75,000 m2 will finally be built. , and not 50,000 m2 as initially announced.

Extension of the charging network and infrastructure

By 2025, the AMAG Group will have installed approximately 2,000 charging stations at its sites, of which more than 400 will be accessible to the public. In addition, AMAG Retail is currently building fast charging stations (360 kW) at twelve locations, with a total of 48 charging points.

The AMAG Group is also making progress in the area of ​​parking/charging infrastructure: In June, AMAG Parking AG opened the Utoquai charging zone, which offers charging sites with a monthly subscription. In July, the Kongress charging zone was put into operation and the preparatory work for a charging zone at the Messe Zürich car park is currently underway. This represents a total of around 150 additional charging stations for the city of Zurich.

Helmut Ruhl explains: “The switch to electric mobility also imposes a change of mentality on us. Last year, we launched numerous initiatives in this direction and it is now a question of further accelerating their implementation and s on new paths. With these measures and the new organizational structure, we have set important milestones. With the 100 million francs, we are also supporting other companies in their efforts to achieve their sustainability goals. “.

“allride” – mobility redesigned

AMAG’s business area is changing, not only driven by electric mobility, but also by changing customer needs. It is especially in urban areas and large neighborhoods that the demand for tailor-made mobility is increasing, but not necessarily in the form of a personal vehicle. This is where the new “allride” offer from the AMAG group comes in: “allride” offers neighborhoods or companies all kinds of travel possibilities, with the “allride” application as its pivot, which makes it possible to plan the next journey. . This MaaS solution is used in pilot projects, for example in Zug.

Noviv Mobility AG

For new offers in the field of individual mobility, the AMAG Group founded Noviv Mobility AG in July. The AMAG group thus responds to the new realities of the market which demand retail and mobility services in different forms. As a subsidiary of AMAG Group AG, Noviv Mobility AG offers both commercial and service services as well as new mobility concepts. Noviv will thus become the exclusive distributor of Microlino from September 30, 2022.

New at Swisscleantech

The fight against climate change requires innovative solutions. Swisscleantech is an economic association. Its members, who belong to the most diverse branches, work for climate protection. The objective is to lead Switzerland towards CO2 neutrality by 2050. These are precisely the objectives of the AMAG Group, which itself wants to achieve climate neutrality in scopes 1 and 2 by 2025 and also in scope 3 by 2040. The CEO of AMAG, Helmut Ruhl, has also joined the CEO4Climate initiative, which is committed to an ambitious and liberal climate policy.

Helmut Ruhl: “We rely on entrepreneurship and innovation, not bans, to make individual mobility CO2-neutral. We are making step-by-step progress in this direction and report on it in our report on the durability, in accordance with globally recognized standards Our customers can buy from us the car of their choice with a clear conscience, whether it is an efficient petrol car, a very economical diesel, a hybrid rechargeable or very willingly an electric car. We are therefore massively committed to the implementation and development of electric mobility and are working with innovative partners, such as Synhelion, in order to be able to operate the fleet of thermal vehicles in a neutral way in CO2.Synhelion, the Swiss pioneer in solar fuels, is the first company in the world to have succeeded in producing syngas on an industrial scale using exclusively nt solar heat. The AMAG group wants to become the leader in sustainable individual mobility and for us, “we are moving forward”.

Clyde: 100% electric from 2024

For electric mobility to be a great success, it must be as simple and practical as the classic offer. That is why the AMAG Group continues to expand its offerings.

The Clyde convenience offering was developed by AMAG Innovation and Venture Lab, after studies showed customers were receptive to new temporary solutions. The Lab developed the concept and the processes, up to the commercialization stage. Launched in 2019, Clyde has since grown in a very pleasing way and is now entering a new phase. After successful development work, it is time to integrate it as a unit into the normal organization of AMAG and to develop the company.

The year 2022 marks the beginning of the transformation towards an all-electric mobility ecosystem. In addition to the well-known advantages of the Clyde offer, such as the various contract durations, the different mileage packages and the included services such as insurance, taxes, maintenance, tires or delivery of the vehicle within ten days (including home delivery), the brand portfolio will constantly be enriched with other BEV brands. In addition, the electric car subscription now includes a charging package. The top-up card allows unlimited top-ups in Switzerland and throughout Europe at no additional cost. Clyde thus perfects the concept of subscription: high flexibility, full cost transparency and without the risk of additional costs – a new convenience offer from the AMAG Group. By 2024, Clyde will become an all-electric mobility provider.

Volton – the offer for commercial customers

The need for durable solutions is also increasing among business customers. The AMAG Group wishes to respond to this and is launching a complete all-in-one solution under the new Volton brand. Convenience for commercial and fleet customers, to whom Volton will offer comprehensive advice on vehicles, charging infrastructure, financing or fleet management, including charging and billing solutions. Commercial customers will be able to order complete infrastructures, including engineering and project management. Volton is also the operator of the various charging offers of the AMAG group.


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