In Douarnenez, the Film Festival promises escape to Switzerland

In Douarnenez, the Film Festival promises escape to Switzerland

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It is a country “very close and quite exotic” which is therefore in the spotlight until August 27 in Douarnenez. This is how the director of the Film Festival, Christian Ryo, described Switzerland, returning to the choice of this guest country for this 44th edition which had surprised more than one. “We are going to show a Switzerland different from that of the clichés: chocolate, banks. Rather that of the diversity of languages, alternative places, struggles, ”completed the chief programmer, Virginie Pouchard, during the opening speeches, this Saturday, on the place du festival.

The Swiss guests were already present, including the director of the Swiss Cinémathèque Frédéric Maire, whose invaluable help was welcomed by Christian Ryo. Elen Rubin, director of Daoulagad Breizh, which is a partner of the Festival and which coordinates the “Regards d’ci” section, also recalled that the douarneniste meeting put forward Breton cinema with, this year, among other things, a focus on the work of Marie Hélia.

“Far from being a long calm river”

Still, this festival, as precious as it is as indicated by the elected officials present, “remains fragile financially”, said Catherine Nancey on behalf of the board of directors. She specifies that at the end of the covid period, “the organization of such an appointment will have been far from being a long calm river”. This does not prevent us from working on major themes: creating attention to gender-based violence, with Marianna Larvol’s humorous posters, conducting a survey to get to know festival-goers better, better taking into account volunteering to improve working conditions. welcome, not to mention the food policy.

Towards an audiovisual BTS in Douarnenez?

This aspect was underlined by the cultural assistant Isabelle Clément, recalling the festival’s long-standing commitment to sustainable development. The regional councilor Loïc Hénaff, for his part, emphasized the signals favorable to the creation of an audiovisual BTS in Douarnenez, “a major step to make the city a high place in this field in Brittany”, alongside the festival and the center of professionals.

It’s for people like Mortaza that we do this festival, it’s what makes us want to continue, even when we are discouraged

For the emotional note of these speeches, Christian Ryo evoked the presence as a volunteer, over two days, of the independent Franco-Afghan journalist Mortaza Behboudi, still in Kabul two days ago and who will leave afterwards. A trainee in 2016 at the festival, the former Afghan refugee has become a journalist and French citizen, and carries out recognized work on Afghanistan: “It’s for people like Mortaza that we do this festival, that’s what gives us the desire to continue, even when we are discouraged”.

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Small selection of appointments for this Sunday, August 21

At the Douarnenez Film Festival, screenings continue this Sunday, August 21, with, from 10 a.m. at the Club, “Switzerland puts itself on stage and questions itself”. Note, at 4 p.m., at La Balise 1, the second screening of “L’île”, one of the films expected from this Swiss selection. Also to be discovered, at 2:15 p.m., in Saint-Blaise, “Kalvingrad, a history of alternative culture in Geneva”.

On the Breton side, are to be seen among others: “Les raves d’Epsylonn – Otoktone” by Erwan Le Guillermic and David Morvan, at 3:45 p.m., at La Balise 2, and, in the evening, the premiere of “Mission E-ty », the latest film by Marie Hélia, at 9 p.m., at the Auditorium of the Port-Musée.

Outside the dark rooms, other appointments are offered. It begins with a palaver, at 10 a.m., at Les Halles, on the theme of “Underground Switzerland”, before a debate, at 6 p.m., under the marquee, around the question: “Switzerland, a model democracy? “. The music will also be there with the À Bout de Souffle fanfare, around 8:30 p.m., on the festival square.

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