New software updates for Galaxy Buds2 Pro series and Galaxy Watch improve the Galaxy Camera experience

New software updates for Galaxy Buds2 Pro series and Galaxy Watch improve the Galaxy Camera experience

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Paired with a Galaxy smartphone, Samsung’s latest wearable software updates give users new ways to experience the world as they hear and see it

Samsung Electronics today announced new software updates for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Watch series that improve content capture for Galaxy users. Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a long history of delivering innovative experiences in photography and videography, helping users create, capture and share their best moments. Now, when paired with the latest connected devices, the already powerful Galaxy Camera is enhanced with 360° Audio Recording, a unique feature that brings immersive sound to video content. Additionally, an upgrade to the Camera Controller app makes it easier to zoom in and out remotely. These software updates reflect Samsung’s continued commitment to providing the latest developments to existing devices.

360 Audio Recording: Capture the world as you hear it

The new 360° audio recording function[1] allows users to capture sound on video, exactly as they want it. By pairing the Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones with a Galaxy smartphone, anyone can film like a pro and capture realistic, high-quality sound for video without the need for bulky pro gear. The feature captures sound from 360 degrees through a microphone located in each earbud, placing viewers in the center of a festival crowd or near a stream in the middle of a forest. Users can put on connected headphones and play the video on their device or on social media to hear realistic, immersive sounds that replicate an in-person experience.

360° Audio Recording is the first feature in the Galaxy lineup to take advantage of LE Audio technology, an advanced new Bluetooth audio standard. This new technology provides better audio quality as well as improved latency and battery life. In addition to delivering higher quality music, LE Audio also expands the spectrum of audio experiences to deliver more complex and richer sound that can be shared with others. Now LE Audio brings binaural recording to the Galaxy Buds2 Pro by harnessing the left and right mics at the same time. When the Buds2 Pro are paired with a Galaxy Z Flip4 or Fold4, users are immersed in the moment, enjoying stereo sound and high quality video image.

Camera Controller app: frame the perfect shot from your wrist

Galaxy smartphones allow photography and filming while maintaining creative control in any situation. One example is the Galaxy Watch’s Camera Controller app, which lets users control their phone’s camera right from their wrist. New update, coming soon to Galaxy Watch5 and Watch4 series, adds zoom functionality to Camera Controller[2], further expanding the Galaxy Camera experience with Galaxy Smartphone and Galaxy Watch connectivity. Users can now remotely control their phone’s camera zoom with a simple pinch of the watch face or twist of the rotating bezel, perfect for taking group shots or solo selfies remotely and avoid having to walk back and forth to the camera to frame the perfect shot.


The new 360° audio recording function will gradually be available on Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 through software updates available soon1. Camera Controller feature update will be available on Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro, Watch4 and Watch4 Classic from February 2023.. These new connected device features are expected to enable more powerful synergies with new Galaxy Camera capabilities to deliver new and innovative experiences.[3].

Save the date of 1er February for more details on Samsung’s new advanced Galaxy smartphone to be unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event.

To learn more about Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro, please visit the following sites:

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[1]The feature will be available on Galaxy Buds2 Pro paired with a Galaxy smartphone running One UI 5.0 or higher and supporting LE Audio, including Galaxy Z Flip4, Z Fold4 and upcoming Galaxy smartphones. Requires installation of latest software versions of Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Buds devices. To enable the feature, go to the Samsung camera app > tap Camera settings after selecting video mode > tap Advanced video options > enable 360 ​​audio recording.
[2]The feature will be available on Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro, Watch4, and Watch4 Classic when paired with a Galaxy smartphone running One UI 5.1 or higher with Camera Controller app support. Requires installing the latest software version from the Galaxy Wearable app.
[3]Availability may vary by carrier, model and associated smartphone. The update will first be available on Bluetooth versions and then will be extended to LTE versions.

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