Champions League: French authorities reportedly prevented UEFA from reporting violence committed by local criminals

Champions League: French authorities reportedly prevented UEFA from reporting violence committed by local criminals

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The French authorities would have asked UEFA not to mention the acts of violence committed by local criminals around the Stade de France on May 28, the evening of the Champions League final. This is revealed by the DailyMail this June 10, 2022. It was better for the government to blame the English supporters, as the more than tense legislative elections approached.

The case of the serious excesses that occurred near the Stade de France in the context of the Liverpool-Real Madrid match on May 28 is experiencing a new twist. the DailyMail indeed reports that the French authorities put pressure on UEFA so that acts of aggression committed by local delinquents are not broadcast in the official communication made on the evening of the match. This tactic allowed the French government to shift the blame to the English supporters.

UEFA initially wanted to discuss the facts of delinquency

According to the British media, UEFA officials had initially planned to report, in a first press release, the chaos caused by local thugs before the start of the match, which had notably led the police to use tear gas.

Instead, the reason given for the decision to delay the game mentioned the influx of “thousands of fans who had bought fake tickets”. “As the number of fans outside the stadium continued to increase after kick-off, the police dispersed them using tear gas and forced them to leave the stadium”said the UEFA website in its press release, the publication of which has since been withdrawn.

A politically motivated cover-up

All of these revelations came 24 hours after a report, commissioned by the French Prime Minister, cleared Liverpool supporters of having no involvement in the chaos. According to some politicians, UEFA had to give in to political pressure in order to “cover up the matter” with the approach of tense legislative elections, indicates the DailyMail. Emmanuel Macron’s party feared that the left would point to the French government as being racist if it had mentioned these attacks, committed by illegal immigrants, mainly North Africans.

Michel Savin, of the centre-right Les Républicains (REP) party, told the British newspaper: “It seemed less dangerous to create a quasi-diplomatic incident with the UK by unfairly pointing the finger at Liverpool supporters, than pointing the finger at the real troublemakers. » Senator and member of the REP, Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio, who agrees, said: “The government does not want to upset part of the electorate it needs, which explains its denial of reality. »

The alert on the dangers of these local gangs had nevertheless been given upstream

This case will also have “raised questions from outside observers about our country’s ability to succeed in the major sporting events for which we will soon be responsible”, underlined Michel Cadot, the interministerial delegate to the Olympic Games and to major events, in a government investigation report submitted to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. It is also denounced the lack of responsiveness of the police in dealing with the facts of theft and assault.

The director of institutional relations for the French Football Federation (FFF), Erwan Le Prévost, who was heard by the Senate on Thursday afternoon, said: “We weren’t prepared for such an influx of criminals. »

However Linda Buquet, of the police union Synergie, stipulated that the warnings about the dangers of these local gangs had simply been ignored by the French authorities, the intelligence services having indeed given the alert before the match, relates the newspaper again. British. She adds that apart from a few drunken Liverpool fans, there have been no incidents with the English.


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