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2023: Apple’s program for the next twelve months

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The year 2022 has ended, full of novelties for Apple. And 2023 will probably not be outdone, if we are to believe the most relayed rumors of the moment. What’s more, the firm at the apple now benefits from a very prolific release schedule, which should spoil us with new products. Probably the most anticipated announcement is that of a virtual or augmented reality headset, or both. For starters, the first software details about it could be presented to us in January. As for the hardware, we would discover it with great fanfare during the Worldwide Developer Conference with a marketing end of 2023 in 2024.


Of course, around September, Apple should also unveil new iPhones. These will probably be four in number as today, with several improvements to the program. Among these, we evoke in turn a more efficient camera at night or in zoom, the end of notch on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus and even a new design that would contrast with that of the iPhone 14.

It is also rumored that the Lightning port could disappear, because Europe has decided so. But Apple could also not play the game ofUSB-Cbecause the deadline for complying with the rules of the continent is set later than the potential release date of the iPhone 15. We will see, in any case, fingers crossed that faster charging will soon be in the game.


Along with this, Apple should also present theSeventh-generation iPad mini at the end of the year. The current model was not renewed in 2022, while all the other collections (iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro) were entitled to an update. We don’t know what the technical data sheet of the tablet will be, but we can without hesitation bet on a more efficient processor.

We know that Apple is also working on foldable screens, but the technology will certainly not be ready in 2023 (or rather the market). On the other hand, next year could see the landing of iPad Pro with a better display than today thanks to OLED. We also think of the Apple Pencil, whose latest version is starting to date and which could arrive with a new black color.

iPad mini 6 © Apple


In 2023, Apple will most likely unveil the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. The laptops were originally rumored to be slated for 2022 but delays appear to have pushed the release back. With these future products, the emphasis will undoubtedly be on performance, as with their predecessors.

Of course the new Mac Pro is also in the boxes. Its release will mark the end of the transition from Intel processors to Apple silicon chips, although some believe that the tower could also continue to offer a version with components from the Santa Clara founder. Undoubtedly, the one that can also be installed as a rack will be the most powerful Mac ever released. With him is also expected the Mac mini M2and maybe a version of the Studio Display with better (more expensive) screen technology.


Many productions ofAppleTV+ are in the running for a release in 2023. To know them, just refer to the list of content in question, updated regularly. Among the most anticipated titles, we find in particular Bad Blood which will deal with the fall of Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) with Jennifer Lawrence in the title role, but also the series Lady in the Lake starring Natalie Portman or season 2 of Foundation.

With this, it is rumored that Apple also wants to soon offer theiPhone by subscription. Understand that it will no longer be necessary to pay for the device as a one-time purchase, but that you can use it against a monthly plan. With, as a bonus, the possibility of changing your mobile as soon as a new model is released.


Before we finish, let’s talk about accessories. Along with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, Apple is expected to unveil new Apple Watches. The Series 9 first of all, that we hope this time very different from previous generations even if the details about its technical sheet are rare. But also, perhaps, a third Apple Watch SE and a second Apple Watch Ultra. If the latter does indeed see the light of day, its value proposition should not however greatly improve compared to the model currently on sale.

Finally, on the AirPods side, this is the second version of the AirPods Max which could be released soon but without a precise timetable again. The AirPods Pro and classic AirPods, on the other hand, were each re-released in 2022 and are therefore unlikely to be near any renewal. - Official App – Official App

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