Apple: soon new advertising locations in the App Store

Apple: soon new advertising locations in the App Store

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Apple will test new ad placements within the App Store. This should allow it to boost its advertising activity as the company relies more and more on its services to generate income.

Two new locations in addition to the search tab

There are already two advertising slots in the Apple application store. The first is in the search tab, while the second appears in search results. From now on, the apple brand will go much further.

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Apple Search Ads gives developers of all sizes the opportunity to grow their business. Like our other advertising offerings, these new ad placements are built on the same basics: they will only contain content from app-approved App Store product pages and adhere to the same rigorous privacy standards. “, she explains.

Very soon, Apple will thus test the advertisements directly on the home page of the App Store, called “today” and highlighting the essential applications of the platform, with the top of the week for example. The advertisements will be very distinguishable since Apple will specify that they are advertisements and surround them with a blue banner.

The second location will be directly on the specific applications page. As explained 9to5Mac, developers will be able to place advertisements on the product pages of other apps. This location will be located at the very bottom of the product page, under the banner section that showcases the developer’s other apps.

However, it will not be possible to target a specific application for developers when they request an advertisement. Ads will however be relevant to each of the product pages; this means that advertisements for direct competitors may be displayed.

Two screenshots from the App Store.

Here, the two new advertising locations: on the left, the one on the product pages and the second, on the “Today” page. Picture: Apple

The App Store is getting closer to the Play Store?

These new locations should represent a great opportunity for developers to promote their app, especially the one featured on the homepage, which users access as soon as they open the App Store.

The CEO of successful app AllTrails explains how ad placements helped it gain popularity: “Apple Search Ads have helped us attract new, more engaged customers in all markets. We rely on Apple Search Ads to profitably acquire customers – it’s a critical part of our growth strategy. As they become available, we plan to invest in new placements to reach even more customers on the App Store and continue to drive the growth of our business.”

With these new locations, Apple will be a little closer to what is offered by Google in its Play Store, where there are more advertisements. However, the ads will be more noticeable within the App Store, and will not be located as high in the platform.

Apple enforces strict measures on ad targeting

Unlike other companies, Apple’s ad targeting can’t really be considered sluggish. For example, when users first open Apple’s apps, such as the App Store, Apple News, and Apple Stocks, they have the option to choose whether they want to enable personalized ads. Whether they have them enabled or not, Apple does not show personalized ads to users under 18, to those with an Apple ID associated with a minor under 13, or to managed accounts.

Additionally, Apple prevents developers from targeting ads to segments and demographics with fewer than 5,000 other similar users, and never uses factors such as religion, political affiliation, or health to target its customers. . In a presentation to advertisers from May, it was revealed that in the first quarter of 2022, 78% of the search volume of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on the App Store came from devices on which ads ads were disabled in all countries and regions where Apple search ads are available. Despite these fairly strict measures, the Cupertino company claims to be able to broadcast very effective advertisements.

As a reminder, Apple has made privacy protection one of its priorities with App Tracking Transparency, which allows users to block their targeting by third-party applications. However, the American giant has been strongly criticized for the implementation of this feature, in particular by Meta, which accuses it of having deployed it to highlight its own advertising activities.

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