Cadillac not deterred by F1 hostility

Cadillac not deterred by F1 hostility

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Andretti has been trying to join the Formula 1 World Championship for more than a year but has been met with refusal from the teams and officials of the discipline, despite the warmer welcome from the FIA. In this context, and to give more credibility to its candidacy, the structure headed by Michael Andretti approached the manufacturer General Motors and from this rapprochement was born a partnership with the Cadillac brand. Together, the two parties are aiming for a finish in F1 in the next few years, as the FIA ​​prepares to launch a call for applications.

Yet despite strong support from a group the size of General Motors, F1 continues to turn its back on Andretti, with a statement making it clear that Andretti was not the only contender and that the championship wanted to stay. “credible and stable”.

Despite reluctance, Andretti and Cadillac did not lose hope. Rory Harvey, the American automaker’s global vice-president, took note of this reaction and remains convinced of the solidity of his candidacy.

“We would not have announced our intention to submit an Expression of Interest if we had not believed that this proposal met the requirements and gave us the means to succeed”did he declare. “From that point of view, there is still a long way to go with this process. The Expression of Interest and the details have not yet been published, which is the first step. We will have to submit our Expression of Interest. interest and then see how the process unfolds.”

Michael Andretti

For any team wishing to enter the starting grid, it is necessary to submit an Expression of Interest once the FIA ​​launches a call for applications. This is then reviewed by the governing body and, if he and F1 officials agree, the entry is validated against a $200m settlement. Haas is to date the last team to have gone through all the stages of this process, responding to a call launched in 2013 and then officially joining the championship in 2016.

In addition, many people wonder about the real involvement of General Motors given that Andretti-Cadillac’s initial objective would be to collaborate with an existing engine manufacturer: if Cadillac only put its name on the car , it would not be a commitment of the manufacturer strictly speaking. Harvey thus wanted to set the record straight.

“I know the Andretti organization is super excited”he launched. “We will do our best with our Expression of Interest and be able to show what we think we can bring to Formula 1. We are sure that the partnership [avec Andretti] is wonderful and enables us to perform. We are confident that we have a variety of skill sets within the organisations, which means we can draw on the expertise of both parties to put together a package that will ensure our competitiveness.”

Cadillac’s IMSA program not impacted by F1

Chip Ganassi Racing's Cadillac V-LMDh

Chip Ganassi Racing’s Cadillac V-LMDh

Since 2017, Cadillac has been involved in the IMSA SportsCar Championship in the United States. This season, for the introduction of the LMDh division and the regulatory convergence with the FIA ​​WEC, the American manufacturer has developed a new prototype which will participate in both championships.

Some wonder if Cadillac’s IMSA and WEC program could suffer from the manufacturer’s newfound interest in Formula 1, but Rory Harvey said that would not be the case. “No, we’re super excited about this opportunity as well. […] From our point of view, [la F1] will complement what we do [en IMSA]we don’t think it will affect [notre programme IMSA] in any way”explained the vice-president.

“We have a history with motor racing. It’s well over 70 years since we got into motorsport and we’ve had great success in a number of championships over the years. The United States and the IMSA championship are very important for us. In addition, we are looking to complete it with regulatory convergence in order to be able to participate in the World Endurance Championship.”

“We sell Cadillacs around the world and that gives us greater coverage and reach in the geographic locations where we also look to be successful and able to complement what we do here with the opportunity, if we go there. achieve, to get to Formula 1. We see this as another piece of the puzzle and as something that fits perfectly with the Cadillac brand and the heritage of Cadillac Racing and General Motors Racing.”

Cadillac also benefits by maintaining its commitment to IMSA, particularly in terms of technology transfer for its production models: “Cadillac has its ‘V’ and ‘V Blackwing’ series [pour la performance], which are very successful. We’re working with IMSA to make sure we can maximize that opportunity and make sure we can leverage some of those technologies for the road.”

“Last year we launched the Track Edition versions which all sold out almost immediately, which shows, in terms of the target audience, it’s in line with what we want to achieve. If you look at this year’s powertrains [en IMSA] and our stated ambition to be fully electric by 2030, we have the 5.5-litre V8 and hybrid technology. So from that perspective, we’re looking to learn, grow and learn more lessons for our EV lineup as we move forward.”

With Luke Smith, Gary Watkins and David Malsher-Lopez

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