An unprecedented strategic partnership between the "NZZ" and "Le Temps"

An unprecedented strategic partnership between the “NZZ” and “Le Temps”

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“The NZZ and Time are both synonymous with quality journalism and liberal values. The readership is very similar and, as a result, we deal with the same customer segments in the advertising market, so a strategic partnership was obvious,” says Felix Graf, CEO of the NZZ. Tibère Adler, Managing Director of Time, confirms: “The two media share the same qualitative positioning, as well as an economic model based on paid subscription. We are therefore very happy to be able to collaborate from 2023 in various areas, from marketing and joint supplements to occasional editorial cooperation and events.”

An almost natural strategic partnership is thus forged between the two titles, based on common values. Both believe strongly in the model of quality in-depth journalism funded by its readers, as well as in the production of digital content with national and international reach.

From 2023, NZZ will become the national print and digital advertising agency for Time. NZZOne, content-focused marketing organization for all brands in the NZZand Audienzz, a digital advertising specialist owned by NZZ, will address the national and international markets with a single voice to win over advertisers aiming for global coverage of the German-speaking and French-speaking markets. These two companies are the undisputed benchmarks in their respective segments.

Moreover, from 2023, Time will directly sell solutions and ads for regional customers, building a dedicated team for this purpose. Zeynep Ersan Berdoz, Strategy and Development Director of Time welcomes “this natural rapprochement between two titles of great value, made possible thanks to the lifting of the obstacles which separated two media with almost identical DNA. This strategic partnership is based on solid foundations, it was built on an undeniable and essential relationship of trust. So it will be sustainable.” Adrian Näf, Business Director of NZZone, also sees this alliance as a great opportunity: “The discussions took place from the start in a very open, pleasant and constructive way; for NZZone, it was therefore quickly clear that this was the optimal match. Cooperation with Time strengthens our position in the Swiss advertising market.”

National supplements

In addition to classic ads, the two media will develop a joint editorial program for quality national supplements from 2023. In the future, the supplements of the NZZ will also be distributed in French-speaking Switzerland via Time.

The technology developed by Audienzz was decisive in the awarding of this cooperation. By accessing Adconsole, Audienzz’s all-in-one solution for managing multimedia advertising orders, Time, like many other publishers already, enjoys full transparency on the performance of all running campaigns and can process operational processes simultaneously in an efficient and automated way. “Our own systems and developments will also be used profitably to Timesays Remo Baumeler, Managing Director at Audienzz.

NZZ and Time will also strengthen their collaboration in the field of events. Thereby, Time has recently become an official media partner of the national sustainability initiative Sustainable Switzerland, launched by the company NZZ with the aim of advancing sustainable development in Switzerland.

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