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Bruno the former great champion of the 12 noon shots: what did he do with his winnings?

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Bruno, the great record holder of the 12 noon shots, was invited on the set of It starts today.

What to ensure his future after the 12 strokes of noon, he who had lost his job in April 2021 following the social plan of his company. Present on the set of It starts today on France 2 this Monday, February 21, the accomplice of Jean-Luc Reichmann confided in this sum of money and what he intended to do with it.

For the moment, the money is piling up in my current account, which is useless at the moment, he started by telling us, laughing, before becoming serious again. I’m looking to invest because, anyway, I’m not going to do something completely implausible, he said, adding that he was thinking of investing in real estate.

I’m thinking of doing buy-to-let investments, buying apartments in the southwest to rent out, just to invest for the future, he said. The 30-year-old bachelor, who hasn’t looked for a job since being made redundant last year, doesn’t seem ready to return to work.

I calculated how much time I have left because of the show, he admitted. I have about 40 years of monthly payments equivalent to my old salary.

I can therefore maintain this same standard of living without doing anything for 40 years, explained Bruno (12 noon shots), who prefers to turn the page on TV games.

I gave a little to associations.

Present since January 20, 2021 in Les 12 coups de midi, Bruno had been eliminated by another candidate named Loris during the program broadcast on Tuesday October 5, 2021. Thanks to his 252 participations, the candidate has accumulated exactly 1,026,107 euros of earnings. Last June, the young millionaire spoke exclusively to Gala about his plans for the future.

At the time, he had mentioned donations to associations. I gave a little to associations, as I was filming the week of Sidaction and Pieces Jaunes, I told myself that it was good for my karma. But my life is not going to change at all, he said.

It’s not just a question of a guy, Jean-Luc Reichmann bluntly fumes against the violent criticism of 12 noon shots.

On RFM, Jean-Luc Reichmann did not hesitate to share his feelings about the violent criticism of Internet users and viewers of 12 noon shots with regard to the Master of noon.

Going on television is now systematically synonymous with criticism. And this is unfortunately what the current midday master of TF1, Laurent, must undergo.

When candidates sign up for the 12 noon shots, they never know how long they can stay. And for good reason, after each victory, it is possible to continue again and again. Like Bruno, the last midday master who stayed for 252 shows.

An adventure that takes time, for which Laurent, professor of philosophy, gave unpaid leave. A privilege to which he is officially entitled. But Internet users are not really of the same opinion.

Laurent has been on the show for several weeks and is already in possession of more than 168,000 euros. A pretty sum for which he does not regret having come, despite the fact that he sometimes misses his students: I miss my classes. I really think so. I like this. I like going to this class, I like their contact.

They also help me, they give meaning to what I do. We give meaning to each other. I will do everything to stay here anyway, he confided in front of the TF1 cameras. A statement that the parents of students did not really see with a good eye, and did not hesitate to criticize. In the columns of Sud Ouest, a mother expressed her dissatisfaction:

She hasn’t had a class for three weeks. I am outraged.

A bad rumor that has the gift of horrifying Jean-Luc Reichmann. Invited to the microphone of RFM, the host did not hesitate to say what he thought: At some point, the guy is on unpaid leave.

Besides, he had warned us well in advance. He can take time off for his work, for his pleasure.

And when we see that this gentleman, who is very elegant, gives us a philosophy lesson every lunchtime on TV. But I find it wonderful!

12 strokes of noon

The guy does what he wants, since it’s unpaid leave. He will earn a lot more money with his participation in the 12 noon shots, than during his entire professional life! Let those who are not happy read carefully.

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