Vifor's drug Kapruvia approved in Switzerland

Vifor’s drug Kapruvia approved in Switzerland

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If they had voted on August 8, the Swiss would have accepted the two AVS reform projects as well as the initiative against intensive farming, according to the first SSR poll published on Friday. The law on withholding tax, on the other hand, would not have passed the ramp.

The reform of the AVS, which provides in particular for an increase in the retirement age for women, would have been accepted by nearly two thirds (64%) of voters. There is, however, a clear distinction between the sexes. Nearly three quarters (74%) of men are in favor of it but only a small majority of women (52%), according to the survey carried out by the gfs.bern institute.

People aged 65 and over are the most in favor of the project (74%) while those aged 40-64 show the lowest approval (58%). The Germans (69%) are also more in favor of the reform than the Romands (49% approve, 5% still undecided) and the people of Ticino (50%).

It is among the supporters of the PLR ​​(83%), the Vert’liberals (80%) and the Center (77%) that the “yes” is the most important. The “yes” is more moderate (57%) within the SVP base. Only supporters of the PS reject the text (51% of no). Those of the Greens narrowly accept it (51%).

Solidarity vs scam

Among the arguments in favor of the text, it is the fact that the reform increases solidarity between generations, because pensioners also contribute through VAT, which hits the mark (64%). Three out of five people (62%) also find that there is no reason for women to retire earlier. This argument divides the women while the men approve it at 73%.

As for the arguments of the opponents of the text, the one that convinces the most (63%) is that the flexibilization of the retirement age is a scam given that de facto only people with high incomes can afford to leave early at retirement. A narrow majority (52%) also believe that the AVS reform will open the door to further increases in the retirement age.

The second object relating to the AVS submitted to the people on September 25, ie the increase in VAT to finance it, would be accepted in the same proportions as the reform (65%). The gender gap is much smaller here, with 68% “yes” for men and 64% for women. Supporters from all parties support the increase in VAT. Approval, however, is lowest among independents (54%) and SVP supporters (56%).

Small “yes” to the initiative on intensive farming

The initiative against intensive farming, which among other things demands better conditions for livestock, receives a narrow majority (51%). Also on this subject, there is a gap between the sexes: 60% of women are in favor of it but only 41% of men. A city-country divide is also taking shape. Large cities accept the text (57%) while rural areas reject it (60% no). The “yes” vote also prevails in small and medium-sized towns (52%).

Supporters of the Greens (87%), the PS (77%) and the Vert’liberals (63%) clearly approve of the text. It also finds favor with the self-employed (54%). The initiative is however rejected by supporters of the Center (62%), the PLR ​​(69%) and the UDC (70%).

Many undecided on withholding tax

Last object submitted to the people, the federal law on withholding tax fails to gather a majority – but narrowly since 49% of those polled are in favor against 35% who are opposed to it. At 16%, the share of undecided is relatively high. The authors of the poll note that, on this subject, the formation of opinion is at an early stage and that it is to be expected that things will change in voting intentions over the course of the campaign.

On this object, a left-right divide emerges. The text is rejected by the pink-green camp (51%) and approved by the bourgeois camp. The “yes” vote is the most important among PLR supporters (73%). Also, the higher the household income, the higher the approval of the text.

For this survey, 12,015 people with voting rights from all over Switzerland, including 2,035 in French-speaking Switzerland, were questioned between July 29 and August 15. The margin of error is +/- 2.8 percentage points.

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