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“Freewheeling”: Win your tickets for the preview!

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Try your hand at PMU predictions! Go instinctively! Get started!

LFM and the Loterie Romande invite you to make your predictions for the race of the day. Every morning, from Monday to Friday, take part in the free PMU competition.

Select 5 horses for the Quinté+ race of the day (the races of the day). Before 12 noon, register your selection for free in the online “Prediction contest” form available below.

The winner of the week will be the one with the best prediction according to the rules of the “Quinté+” bet. In the event of identical winning forecasts, the winner of the week is determined, by common draw for the 4 participating radio stations (LFM, ONE FM, ROUGE, RADIO LAC), among the correct combinations.

Each week, win Fr. 50.- of PMUR stakes to be won, valid online, on the gaming platform!

Need help establishing your prognosis? Go further down this same page to find our guide which will teach you how to bet like a pro!

Discover the races of the day on the Loterie Romande website:

Attention, the game is reserved for adults.

What is Quinté+?

In Quinté+ you have to find the first five horses in the race. This is the most successful bet because it offers the biggest payouts. It stakes a weekly piggy bank, to be shared between all the bettors who have found the first five horses in the exact order. It is offered, in principle, on Sunday, the day of the most prestigious meetings. The Quinté+ takes place once a day on the most beautiful race of the day.

There are the best horses and an incredible suspense.

What do the ratings mean?

They represent the horse’s chances of victory and are calculated according to the total amount of stakes. The odds allow you to know the most played horses. A favorite horse will have a low odds (ex: 1.5). By betting on him, your chances of winning are high but you risk winning little. Conversely, a little-played horse will have high odds (ex: 35). He’s an outsider and betting on him means you’re less likely to win, but he’ll pay you big if you win.

1. Luck

Some bettors play their numbers randomly, sometimes according to the horse’s name or color. The smartest trust the spOt system. With this clever technique, you don’t need to know anything about racing. Horses are selected automatically based on bets made by other players. It is possible to let spOt choose all the horses of the bet or to ask him only a part of them as a complement in a bet prepared oneself.

2. The classic method

The player chooses to bet on favorite horses. He can include some outsiders in his bets to potentially increase his winnings. The basis of this method is the rating. It only remains to define whether you want to take risks or play it safe.

3. The pro method

Some players are specialists who know the world of racing very well. They are interested in horses, jockeys and trainers. They make their bets based on a multitude of criteria. They spend time at racetracks and study the race to make their predictions. A traveler, a fine strategist, weighs risk and gain.

These specialist stakes make an important contribution to spOt selections and vary the odds.

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Conditions of participation

The free weekly “Prognosis Contest” competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 and residing in French-speaking Switzerland. Participation in this free contest implies acceptance without limit or reservation of these conditions of participation. Multiple entries per person are permitted. Employees of the Loterie Romande are not allowed to participate. The “Prognosis Contest” takes place on the 4 radio stations in Romandie of the Media One Contact group (One FM; LFM; Radio Lac; Rouge FM), from January 1 to December 31, 2022. To participate in the free weekly contest, listeners must each day of the week until 12 noon register their “Quinté+” (5 horses) winning selection of the day via the online “Prognosis competition” form available on the website of each participating radio station. The winners will be notified by email directly by the radio station on which they participated, to the address provided when recording their prediction. It is up to the participants to take the necessary measures for the good reception and the knowledge of the possible email of the radio. The winners will receive their gaming credit in the form of a code to be entered on the Internet gaming platform (, in the wallet of their player account under the heading “Promotional vouchers”.

You can consult the complete conditions for participation in the “prognosis competition” organized by local radio stations in collaboration with the Loterie Romande and the PMUR by downloading them: here.

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