EXPERT TIPS: Bet you're applying your concealer wrong?

EXPERT TIPS: Bet you’re applying your concealer wrong?

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At Selena Gomez, the concealer concealer is perfectly applied, thanks to the talent of professional makeup artist Melissa Murdick. On TikTok, the expert talks about the three common mistakes made when applying concealer.



EXPERT ADVICEWe bet you’re applying your concealer incorrectly?

Are you one of those people who doesn’t leave home without applying their concealer? So keep your eyes peeled! The following might be useful to you. Selena Gomez’s makeup artist gives us some tips to avoid the three mistakes frequently made in this area.

From Doja Cat to Selena Gomez via Billie Eilish, Melissa Murdick regularly sees the biggest stars of Hollywood pass under her brush… and just as regularly notices three mistakes frequently made when it comes to applying concealer concealer.

That’s why the celebrity makeup artist went on a rant on TikTok to point out the mistakes many have made. So, let’s take the seed! Here is a summary of the points to work on:

1. Apply little material

“Stop applying your concealer that way!” It is with these words that Melissa Murdick addresses her TikTok community by showing the method of applying concealer concealer that we learned on social networks, there is still a short time, namely to deposit a touch of concealer in the inner corner of the eye and draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the temples, as in the video below.

The reason is very simple: “There is way too much material. This will settle in the fine lines, accentuate them and cause cracks. Except possibly in very young people, without any wrinkles. As for the amount of material really necessary, you should know that a small touch on the back of the hand, the size of the tip of a brush for concealer, is more than enough. More may look acceptable in video under particular lighting, but not in real life or natural light.”

2. Use color corrector

What if that’s not enough to hide dark circles? “If you think you need a lot of concealer, you really need color corrector,” explains the professional makeup artist. This is a pink, red or peach tinted product that conceals bluish or greenish shadows (blush also works great in this case). On the other hand, to camouflage pimples or redness, a green color corrector will be more appropriate. Then just cover it with a thin layer of concealer so that everything blends with the natural tone of the skin.

This concealer covers bluish shadows on dark skin: Skin Tone Concealer by Kiko Milano, 9 francs on Zalando.

This concealer covers bluish shadows on dark skin tones: Kiko Milano Skin Tone Concealer, 9 francs on Zalando.


To each defect its color: NYX correction palette, 17.50 francs on

To each defect its color: NYX correction palette, 17.50 francs on

This product is great for concealing dark circles on fair skin: concentrated concealer from Pixi, 17.90 francs on

This product is great for concealing dark circles on fair skin: concentrated concealer from Pixi, 17.90 francs on

3. Take your face shape into account

The third error often seen is the line at the outer corner of the eye, which is supposed to have a lifting effect. Granted, that’s not entirely wrong and it works wonders for people with thin faces. But “this line tends to visually widen the face and is therefore not suitable for everyone,” says Melissa Murdick. Selena Gomez is a good example. “At Selena, this area is already the widest part of her face,” she says. It would therefore not occur to me to accentuate this area to highlight it even more.

And you, how do you highlight your face? Feel free to share your makeup tips!

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