Hair: cuts, hairstyles and colors to try for summer 2022

Hair: cuts, hairstyles and colors to try for summer 2022

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The soft gray reflections

Many of us do not know how to deal with this pivotal moment: gray hair, we dream of it, but how to manage “the in-between”, the moment when we abandon coloring to display our natural shade ? Tom Smith, colorist and director of Evo Hair, has the solution. Called “Herringbone Highlights”, this unique sweeping technique mixes natural highlights and coloring. “The goal is not to superimpose the touches of light on top of each other, as in a classic sweep, but to let them be placed one through the other”, summarizes She.

Try it if…: Like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston or Sarah Jessica Parker, you dream of reconnecting with your natural color (and spacing out your hairdresser appointments!)


Herringbone Highlights are SUCH a great option for blending your grey!

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Falsely neglected ripples

Exit on wavy too perfect and the curls defined. This summer, like Hailey Bieber, we love the wild waves. And to make this summer look your own, we adopt the procedure of Irinel de León, the hairdresser of the stars. Good news: the technique is within everyone’s reach, since all you have to do is make movements against the inside and then against the outside using a straightening iron. Basic!

Try it if…: You are looking for a natural finish that twists your lengths. In 15 minutes flat, the trick is done.

The draped fringe

Forgotten, the straight fringe. Relegated to oblivion, the curtain fringe. The new star in this field is called “drape bangs”, or draped bangs. His DNA? Longer and more modern than the seventies version. While the curtain fringe stopped at the cheekbones, this newcomer continues its journey to the chin, which makes it possible to structure the entire face while offering more options in terms of hairstyles. Sydney Sweeney, the star of the series Euphoriadid not hesitate to immediately adopt the trend.

Before cutting…: We prefer to give our locks to a professional scissor, rather than trying the experience yourself! And if you already have a fringe, you just have to wait a few weeks to let it grow before tapering it as it should.

Hair frosting

This icing does not melt and cannot be eaten (unfortunately!). The idea is to “melt” the discolored locks into the base shade of the hair, like a fine snow that would settle on the lengths. “Frosting typically uses cool blonde tones to contrast with a darker color,” colorist Stuart Marsh, active at London salon Taylor Taylor, tells Refinery29. Rendering? Soft and multi-dimensional, just what we love!

Most: Maintenance, almost non-existent. Since the frosting is simply sprinkled on, the regrowth cannot be seen.

The Very Peri

Hair care brand Wella was quick to seize the trend: summer will be Very Peri or it won’t be! Because yes, THE shade of the year, decreed by Pantone, is not confined only to decorative elements. It is also worn on her hair, as a tribute to the 70-year reign of Elizabeth II. The idea? Boost their positivity and their appetite for life (and their thirst for a unicorn?) with this strong and resolutely optimistic tone. Admit that, these days, it’s really not a refusal…

Before letting go: We call on a professional, because several steps will be necessary to achieve this vibrant rendering.

The nineties brushing

Volume, always more volume! Thick, curly, ’90s-style pimped hair is a standout this season. And don’t panic if you run out of material to try the adventure: there are extensions on the market that are ideal for playing Cindy Crawford, such as those from the American brand Glam Seamless. Bella Hadid and J.Lo have already adopted it on the red carpet: what if we did the same during our next visit to Montreux?

Most: We heat her curls with XXL rollers before brushing them to obtain this “smooth” finish as desired.

The Golden Hour Balayage

Whoever says “summer” necessarily says “sunset”. This suspended moment, when the light is so beautiful, just before the star goes away, inspired the colorists. The golden shade is popular for adding a halo of light around the face. The latter, applied sweeping, also has the advantage of reflecting the shine of the fibers more. And as the Instagram account of the London salon Live True proves, the “Golden Hour” adapts to all hair colors: we will bet on warm and subtle tones when we have a dark to black nature and we s will have fun with shades ranging from blonde to pink on the lightest hair.

Do not miss…: Immortalize your new color at sunset, of course. The result will be even more satisfying than under the neon of your hair salon!

Hair contouring

Since Kim K, we have mastered make-up coutouring. But it is now the hair that gets involved: by lightening the locks that surround the face, we bring light. This must be done with great skill: only the “baby hair” is concerned for a subtle and delicate result, playing on the contrasts with the rest of the hair. On TikTok, posts mentioning the hashtag #haircontouring are on the rise. The result is stunning on the account of the two star hairdressers Tata & Sasha.

Try it if…: You don’t have time to tan, but you still want to bring a semblance of light and good looks to your summer look.

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