Fifth.  The Jean-Michel Bazire Prize in Vichy this Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

Fifth. The Jean-Michel Bazire Prize in Vichy this Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

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The Jean-Michel Bazire Prize in Vichy this Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

Direction Vichy this Tuesday, July 5, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix Jean-Michel Bazire will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2950 meters, and endowed with 36,000€.

In this event, Eddy du Loisir (5) had a short break after two performances on the grass this spring. His attempt at Vichy, on June 20, is rather good, especially since he made the distance and found himself far away. This race must have done him good. If he was tackled that day, he will be barefooted this time. In the lead, he has one of the best chances. Facing the 7-year-old, he will aim for a place. At 9, Dixit Danica (12) no longer encounters obvious tasks. He has his winnings and does his best in his category. He had approached a place in the fifth on May 16 on this track, in an event won by Farrell Seven. He makes the distance and has to rub shoulders with some 7-year-old superiors. Beforehand, he could be fifth, not better.

Geny’s secrets

Stephane Bourlier: Eurequus Ludois (1) suffered from colic and had to skip an engagement. In Caen, he inherited a happy fourth place. He is in good condition for this race. However, he is not at 100% of his abilities. There are second-tier customers. He only has a secondary chance in my eyes. I would be satisfied with a four, fifth place.

Yoann Lavigne: Doria de Vauville (2) did not have great races in mind, always having to return twenty-five meters. For once, she can start at the first rung, but there is serious opposition at the far post. It will be light-railed, which will suit it. It is imperative that it be hidden. If she finished fifth or sixth, she would have made her race.

Loic Lerenard: Finally, Destrier d’Or (3) had bad luck, completely blocked in the final phase. I think we would have fought for second or third place, no doubt. The batch is higher this time, but it does well Vichy. If the race is a little rhythmic and he has a good hidden course, he has the right to take a fifth place.

Cedric Terry: Farceuse du Pré (4) faced strong opposition for her return to the climb. In this specialty, it is a little less efficient now. Previously at Enghien, it ran well but took to a gallop, as it happens to it. She would have played a good role. She needs comfort. It can be deferred again. She had won well with the 6-year-olds in the spring on this track. She can place herself.

Eric Blot: His last race was to do one last good job. Editor la Ravelle (6) will certainly still need to run, but he is very flexible and will be barefooted. It should perform well, fourth or fifth place is possible. It is better hidden, especially in Vichy where the straight line is long.

Benoit Rouer: Victim of a small sprain, Dream The Best (7) was stopped for a while to heal properly, as he is a good horse. It has a comeback race in its legs, but it still needs two or three rounds before being competitive. Suffice to say that you can ignore his chances.

Miss Sydney Chauvin: At the moment, Fiesta du Belver (8) is in top form. We continue on the momentum. As she’s a wait-and-see, I think she’ll really enjoy Vichy, with the long straight. It’s a targeted commitment, all the lights are green. She will again be barefooted from the four feet. If it has a good run, I logically expect a good performance.

Mathieu Auvray: Era de Lavadour (9) held up well in Lignières. The race was not fast enough for her. She returns to Vichy, a track she appreciates. She is fit and ready to do her best. She needs to be brought back to show her full potential. If so, she should play a good role.

Vincent Martens: The last time, Fresneaux (10) confirmed his good comeback, despite a course with his nose to the wind. He continues to make good progress at work. So I expect a good performance, even if it will not be barefooted this time around. All the lights are green to participate in the finish.

Yannick Henry: Fantasia de Ligny (11) fell on a bone in Toulouse in the GNT, but did not deserve it. She did the last six hundred meters in a good way. She prefers to practice like this, rather than sprint. This race is the logical continuation in his program. The opposition is less raised than in Toulouse. Everything is looking good, especially as she is in good condition. She must contend for victory.

Hughes Levesque: Favorite of Iton (13) has not been seen in competition since April 27, due to lung problems. Health problems have accumulated for almost a year. He seems to have come back in good spirits. It would have been better with a comeback in the legs, especially since we didn’t work on it too much. I hope he will reassure us. He can, possibly, finish fourth or fifth.

Loris Garcia: For his return to the capital, Elan Baroque (14) was not unworthy by trotting 1’12’1, despite a course nose to the wind. I still have a little doubt about its ability to tackle the big track as well as possible. He finds an interesting commitment at the earnings ceiling. Physically, he is as good as before Marseille, where he finished with resources. He has his winnings and is going to aim for a small place.

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