“The Faigle group is embarking on a fundamental transformation”

“The Faigle group is embarking on a fundamental transformation”

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René Faigle, Faigle Solutions and the subsidiaries Couvertic and CM First will operate under the new Faigle brand in the future. CEO of the company, Simeon Roth expects from this change a global approach to customers, more efficient processes and more growth, as he explains in an interview.

What does this new approach called Faigle One Group consist of?

The Faigle Group is at the start of a fundamental and exciting transformation designed to make our processes more efficient and to simplify our approach to customers. You have to understand the context: historically, we have developed through consistent acquisitions. Over the years, the various skills that we have brought together have been reflected in different companies. While they collaborated well, it was sometimes difficult for them to follow a common overall strategy. It has also happened that the different entities develop their activity with distinct approaches to the market and to the customers. So much so that our customers were not always aware that the different companies actually belonged to the same group. A certain market potential thus remained untapped. This is why we are today merging under the new single corporate brand Faigle, the group entities – René Faigle, Faigle Solutions, Couvertic and CM First – which represented our different areas of activity and operated until now as separate companies.

Why this new position?

Until now, the Faigle brand was above all synonymous with Managed Print Services – an area in which we are a benchmark company. But clients did not necessarily associate us with expertise in document and workflow management, in Enterprise Content Management or even in Business Process Outsourcing for the entire management of incoming and outgoing flows. It was obvious to us that sooner or later we were going to unite the entire scope of our offer under one brand, as we are doing now. This allows us to make the most of the synergies between the different units. We want to gain in simplicity, efficiency and accessibility, both for our customers and for our employees. We can now offer our entire portfolio of products and services with a single supplier and a single contact to support our customers in their digitization projects in a global way.

What does this new direction change for your customers?

What is visible to customers is that we present ourselves under our new corporate brand Faigle enriched with the skills of the merged companies. It will also be easier for them to work with us. This simplicity on the outside, we will also implement it on the inside and streamline our own processes according to the new structure. We are convinced that the collaboration with our customers will be improved and reinforced thanks to this new constellation around our offers of Managed Print Services, document management and workflows, Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Outsourcing.

What are the resulting changes for the organization and the employees?

With the merger, we are simplifying the structure of the group. This leads to a simplification of the organization and management of the company, as well as closer collaboration between the different areas of activity. The new orientation should also have a positive impact on the corporate culture and generate enthusiasm among employees. What impact do you expect from the new direction on Faigle’s business? We want to accompany companies comprehensively on the way to digitization and support them in the areas of document management and workflows, as well as Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Outsourcing. We will be able to offer our customers basic services from a single source, develop tailor-made solutions and, at the same time, be even more faithful to our high sense of service. Of course, we also want this positioning to accelerate our growth. The new structure lays the foundations to achieve this.

Faigle’s new logo.

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